ATWT Best Lines Friday 1/20/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 1/20/06

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Provided By Jennie

Paul: No. Meg, please, I'm way past the point of threatening you. These are just the facts. For the past few days, you've been aiding and abetting a felon.

Meg: That's because you've taken a lot longer to heal than I thought you would.

Paul: Oh, well, I'm so sorry my gunshot wound has been uncooperative.


Carly: Why are you giving me a hard time when all I'm trying to do is help you?

Gwen: Because I know you, Carly. This is too fast. There has got to be a catch, either for me, or for you.


Gwen: We'll get it back. Somehow. And we'll get out of this mess. I don't know how yet, but we will.

Will: Yeah, well, at least we have a warm place to sit for a couple of hours. And the tea's pretty good.

Gwen: Yeah -- and it's not raining.

Will: It's not snowing.

Gwen: Or hailing.

Will: And we don't have pneumonia.

Gwen: We're not in jail.

Will: So things could be a lot worse.

Gwen: Yeah.

Waitress: Are you two about ready to settle up?

Will: Actually, we were going to get one more cup of tea.

Waitress: Sorry, but we're closing up early tonight. There's a snowstorm headed this way.

Gwen: I think we just spoke too soon.

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