ATWT Best Lines Thursday 1/12/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 1/12/06

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Provided By Jennie

Jennifer: Oh, yes, we're going to go to the organic juice store, and then I found the cutest fabric with bunnies for your crib bumper. And then Mommy's gonna get a manicure.

Dusty: That's it, hand him over.

Jennifer: What?

Dusty: Hand him over to me. Come here, J.D. I'm going to take J.D. for the afternoon. Because he heard about bunny fabric and manicures, and he said, "no way." Didn't you?

Jennifer: Well, what does Uncle Dusty have on tap for the day?

Dusty: Oh, a little pool, dirt bikes. Something like that. Don't you need some time off? A little break?

Hal: I care about my daughter, who nearly turned into a junkie or dead because of what you or your boyfriend did. I care that the little boy that we raised isn't sure why he lost his step-dad and his mom in the space of six months. I care that my son has lost any fragile trust he had in his family because of what you and Paul did. There are a lot of things that I care about, Emily. Having you back in my life is not on the list. It'll take years to undo the damage from the first time around. Aiding and abetting a fugitive is a felony. If you have any contact with, or receive any communication from a fugitive and do not report it, you are criminally liable. Do you understand?

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