ATWT Best Lines Thursday 12/22/05

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 12/22/05

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Provided By Jennie

Dusty: What if I still say no?

Meg: Do the words "blanket" and "couch" mean anything to you?

Dusty: Okay, I'll do it.

Will: I know. And it's horrible. And it's fine to feel miserable about it, Gwen. But I'm still here. And I still need you just as much as I did yesterday, or last week, or even more, okay? I can't just let that go. What we have is the most real thing I have ever known. I can't let that go. Can you?

Emma: Lucinda --

Lucinda: Yeah?

Emma: Have I told you how -- how very proud I am to know you?

Lucinda: Proud to know me? Why?

Emma: Because you are a very courageous woman. The way you've waged this battle. You have so much dignity. I really, really admire you.

Lucinda: Thank you. It's facade. I'm cranberry jelly inside. You're awfully nice. Thank you. Thank you for giving me encouragement.

Emma: Well, you know you're in my prayers, you're in my thoughts.
Lucinda: Hey, about that, it's working.

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