ATWT Best Lines Thursday 12/1/05

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 12/1/05

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Provided By Jennie

Olga: Beej no murder Kasnoff not today. Beej is busy with butt buster.

Henry: What do you mean?

Olga: She is called Katie, yah? She is upstairs.

Will: He looks bigger.

Gwen: Since yesterday?

Will: Look at his hands, his feet. He's gonna be in the NFL. She's laughing at me, Billy.

Gwen: It's just funny. We're in a padded cell and we're happy.

Gwen: Now that's a boy that needs a padded cell. It's gonna be okay, will. They'll find my mom. And even if they don't get her right away, as long as they know she's guilty. They're going to let you out, it's only a matter of time.

Will: Gwen, you don't understand the system. Once you get into one of these places, it's almost impossible to get released.

Gwen: Then I guess Billy and I are staying. I mean, it'll be great for when he starts walking. He bumps into a wall, no problem. I hear the food stinks, which will make my cooking good. And then there's that wonderful smell of disinfectant. It's worse than a Billy diaper. So when the day finally comes, and it will, just think how happy you'll be when they let you out.

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