ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 11/22/05

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuessday 11/22/05

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Provided By Jennie

Casey: No. I just think that you need to step back for a minute, and consider that Henry actually is in Palo Alto on business. Just because he's making whiny phone calls and sending smiley faces doesn't mean he's in trouble.

Maddie: Then what does it mean?

Casey: He's eccentric.

Maddie: Yeah. Well, that's true.

Maddie: Teddy Edwards is a stuck-up jock who got a raw deal when they handed out brains. I think I probably actually told him that once, so I doubt I'm on his guest list.

Maddie: Okay, someone needs to tell her that the witch-on-wheels look is so last year.

Henry: Maddie was maybe five, we were having Thanksgiving together, it was just the two of us, I don't know where the rest of the family was. It doesn't matter. Anyway, she had all these questions about Thanksgiving -- do you want a drink? No? And it was like, "why the pilgrims?" And "what about the Indians?" And maize. You know, those kind of questions. Why this? Why that? And then she got to the turkey. "Why the turkey? Why not a duck? Or a goose? Or even a chicken?" And she thought, "well, maybe the duck and the goose are jealous of the turkey." And I said, "you've got a point there. In fact, the duck and the chicken have been plotting revenge for years against the turkey. What they decided they would do, is that the chicken would stuff itself into a duck, and then the duck, in turn, would stuff itself into a, well, I guess an abnormally large turkey. And then, that way, the meal would be even. There'd be no favorites." Well, Maddie -- Maddie just thought this was the greatest idea she'd ever heard of in her life. So she demanded that we make this meal and we did. And the turducken was born

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