ATWT Best Lines Friday 11/18/05

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 11/18/05

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Provided By Jennie

B.J.: Why is everything such high melodrama with you?

Henry: That is really funny coming from a guy who's locked me up in a wine cellar with an Aryan milkmaid to guard the door while he's hiring some creep to dispose of my best friend.

B.J.: Oh, ex-best friend.

Olga: Please, to stop screaming like baby! And please to stop breaking wine!

Henry: You can't break wine, Hildegard. You can only break wine bottles.

Casey: The one where he told you to stop whining?

Maddie: Like I ever whine. Now, you can accuse me of a lot of things.

Casey: For sure.

Maddie: But not that. And Henry knows it, too.

Casey: Then why would he say it?

Maddie: Well, that's the question, Einstein. Now, we just have to figure out the answer.

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