ATWT Best Lines Monday 10/31/05

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 10/31/05

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Provided By Jennie

Gwen: Look, you seem like a nice person. Don't hook up with this guy, okay?

Maddie: I won't. We aren't anything, I just --

Gwen: Okay. But if you do end up falling for his line, here's -- here's a tip. Bring your own condoms.

Dusty: I caught him in my hands. And I held him.

Meg: Love at first sight?

Dusty: To feel so much in an instant for someone I didn't even know seconds ago -- he's gone, and I'm still crazy about him.

Maddie: Did somebody die?

Henry: What are you talking about?

Maddie: The way you're downing those drinks. You only guzzle vodka like that when there's trouble.

Henry: I'm drinking because it's a party, and I don't have to drive anywhere to go home because I already am home.

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