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ATWT Opinion Article

Craziness in Oakdale.......
by Sonia

      After we all were shocked at the news that Adam had died in Iraq, a mysterious young man came walking into town. Riley claimed to have known Adam while they were both overseas, and he was willing to share all of his stories with the Hughes clan. We all knew that something was up with Riley. He just didnít seem right, but honestly I couldnít figure out what was up with him. Well the mystery has finally been revealed. Are you ready? No I mean are you really ready? Riley is ............. ADAM!!!!!! What the heck! Iím sorry, how is he Adam? Unless he got some work done, Tom and Margo must be the worst parents in the world if they didnít recognize their own son. Previous to this, Casey just couldnít understand why Margo held onto every word Riley spoke. Basically Margo just needed to be around someone who knew Adam just before he died, and Casey was just jealous. Constantly Casey forced Margo to choose between this stranger or him. Alison finally broke up with Casey, because she couldnít take his constant obsession with Riley. Riley went to the Army base to get Noah access to the grounds, and when he arrived, he found Col. Myer there (donít tell me you think he actually died months ago). Mayer told Riley he knew who he actually was, and if he didnít want everyone to know, he would get Noah alone on the base. Casey, still obsessed over finding out the truth, contacted the Veterans Administration and found out that Sgt. Riley Morgan actually died in Afghanistan. After Margo learned the truth from her son, she went home to confront Riley. She found Mayer there. Feeling like he was attacked, Mayer shot Margo, and Riley ran to her rescue. He hugged her and begged her not to die.

      Emily has found herself a friend! Ever since Larry arrived in town, he has been spending a lot of time hanging out with Emily. Their friendship is basically about trying to locate Emilyís eggs, because she wants to be a mother....again! I feel like the only reason why she wants to have a baby is because she knows that she was not a great mother to Daniel, and she basically left him with Tom.  They went to the opera where they saw "Tristan and Isolde." Hunter finally got a copy of his birth certificate, and under the category of father "Tristan and Isolde" was listed. Huh...thatís kinda funny. 

      Well this is all just my opinion,


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/10

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