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ATWT Opinion Article

by Sonia

      Wow, it appears as if Parker is getting dumber every time I turn around. Somehow he convinces Liberty that the two of them need to get married in order to get his trust fund away from his mother, lies to a judge, becomes very possessive over Liberty and now he quits school. You know the thing that bugs me sooooo much is that Jack is allowing this to happen, I mean if Carly would have done this, Jack would have been all over this and he would have bitten her head clear off. I just donít understand how Parker plans on getting anywhere in life he doesnít get an education (trust me I have a University and College Degree, and Iím finding it hard to get a job in this economy, what is he going to do?) The stress is really starting to get to Carly, and she turns to the bottle for comfort. Craig finally saw that something was wrong and tries to get Carly to realize that she needs help. Annoyed at his accusations Carly storms out of the house and is later arrested for DUI. Jack was sooo hurt (or maybe Iíll say embarrassed) that he forced Carly to spend some time in the drunk tank. Craig said that the only way he would help Carly out is if she would go to AA. Once she was released Craig brought her home to ensure that she would not be tempted to drink during the night, so he slept on the sofa. Iím sorry but this whole Carly is a drunk thing is getting soo annoying, I would just love it if Jack finally did something wrong, and Carly could throw it in his face.

      Finally, Finally Katie/Brad/Vienna/Henry are getting interesting. For a while there any time those four came on my screen, I would Fast Forward them, because honestly their storylines were very, very boring. Feeling so bad for lying to their best friends, Henry and Vienna talked Katie and Brad into meeting with a lawyer that walked into Metro one night. The lawyer said he knew of a young girl who wanted to give her baby up, but he needed $10,000...and because they are so desperate for a child, they gave the man their money. Soon after Brad and Katie found out that the lawyer was a phony and that he left town with their money. This action made Brad and Katie even more upset, because this was yet another time the idea of being parents was dangled in front of their faces. Vienna felt so bad for what happened that she immediately went down to WOAK to speak with Katie, and when she refused to speak to her, Vienna tripped over a cable and fell. Knowing something was wrong, Vienna had Katie call 9-1-1. Once they arrived the doctor told them that the baby had died. Once Henry finally arrived at the hospital (no one could find him for a while, he wasnít answering his phone), he immediately blamed Katie for the death of his child. Henry is soo hurt that he wants to sue WOAK and Katie for the babyís death. Hey I can see suing the station, I mean they did leave the light fixture out, but Katie did nothing wrong....except maybe saying a few mean things about Viennaís baby.

      Well this is all just my opinion,


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/10

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