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ATWT Opinion Article

News Flash
by Sonia


      News Flash: Parker is OBSESSED with Liberty...Why, thanks, Janet and Jack. We, the fans couldn’t tell. Like it was obvious to me from the moment they got married something was up between them, and as the days passed things have gotten stranger. Parker wants to spend every waking minute with Liberty. He never leaves her alone, and therefore she never has time to think on her own. I mean you should have seen the look on Parker’s face when Craig announced that there was an internship opportunity for Liberty in New York City. I mean it was like someone kicked him in the stomach, and he got even more upset when he found out that she would have to live there for the summer. After he got over that shock, he decided that he would take money from his trust fund to get an apartment for him and Liberty. As soon as the words left his mouth, Craig put a wrench in his plans saying that there was no way he could use the money from his trust fund. Also Liberty found out that all interns must live in the apartment they have provided. Instead of hearing Liberty out or even taking her feelings into account, he immediately told her she could not take the job. Like, hello, Parker what the heck is your problem? You could tell that she was just so happy. Why did he have to ruin it? He got even more upset when he found out that she went to a party with her new boss and fellow interns. If Liberty doesn’t answer the phone right away, Parker gets very upset; and if she doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear, he wants to immediately track her down (like what is she some type of animal). After seeing how upset Parker got, Liberty turned down the fashion magazine internship, but she told Parker that he needs to give her some space (yeah, ok).

        Then Craig found Liberty an internship at the PR Company in Chicago, and if she got the job it would be an easy commute. At first Parker didn’t seem too happy about it, but seeing the look on his wife’s face, he decided to let her go (why thanks Parker). When Liberty wasn’t there to give Parker a ride home, he called her right away, and then got upset to learn that she was still waiting to be interviewed and would not be able to meet him. After hanging up the phone with his wife, he went down to the police station and asked Jack to give him the keys to his car. Jack, of course, refused to give him the keys, saying maybe he should give Liberty some space. While in the waiting room Janet abruptly announces that she thinks Parker is a little too possessive over Liberty. (Why thank you, Dr. Janet Snyder, what medical show did you see that on?) After dropping her mother off at the police station, Liberty immediately goes over to Carly’s house to have a chat with her husband. The minute she walks in the door, Parker gives her some sort of silent treatment, which by the way lasted a whole 30 seconds. He basically tells Liberty that he doesn’t want her to take the job, and you can tell she’s had enough of his behavior. Finally she explains that he’s smothering her, that she never has a moment to herself, they are together 24/7, and he never lets her make her own decisions. Then she tells him that maybe they should take a break, maybe it's time to get a divorce or annulment. She leaves Carly’s house to go to the farm, and Parker runs after her. Basically he makes a total fool out of himself, and guess who is left to blame for what happened? Yup, you guessed right, Carly. Isn’t it always her fault, man why can’t it be someone else?

      Well this is all just my opinion,


      P.S. Parker gets very crazy in the next couple of weeks!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/10

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