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ATWT Opinion Article

Ohh My Gosh!!!!
By Sonia


      This week was soo amazing, I can barely contain my excitement. Damien is back! Luke was coming to get paperwork for a rally at Metro when he was hit by a car. Damien had just arrived back in town and he witnessed his son (yes, Damien is Lukeís biological father) getting hit by a car. So then Damien took his son to Memorial Hospital. I guess not wanting to be seen right away, he left a note on Lukeís chest so the hospital would call Lily. Lily and Holden rushed right over, and soon after they arrived they ran into Damien. He proclaimed that he was back, because he wanted to make amends with his son. Now remember, Damien tried to convince Lily to send Luke to a camp to try to make him straight. After Lily got hurt, Damien left and hadnít been seen since. Damien went into Lukeís hospital room, because he wanted his son to understand how sorry he was, and he also tried to get him to understand that he does accept who Luke has become. Luke was offended, saying he didnít choose to love Noah, he was born that way. I know that Damien was a complete jerk to Luke, but you can see that he does really love his son. Finally Luke kicked Damien out of his room, and in the hallway he was confronted by Holden and Lily. Iím sorry but Holden is just so annoying when heís mad, overly dramatic, I might add. For me the only time Holden was really interesting was when he was seeing Carly. I actually found myself wanting to see more of him. Now I find that heís back in the same rut he was in before, and I donít see a way out. 

Now back to the whole Damien situation, you can see when heís alone that something is up with him, but I could care less. The moment I saw his hand touch Lukeís bed sheet, I was in love with him again. I wonder how long itís going to take till Luke tries to form a bond with Damien...too long I bet. Now all of a sudden, everyone is blaming Damien for hitting Luke. Wow that was a stretch (it didnít take HOLDEN long to pin this on Damien, hey do you have any proof?) Holden is so much like Jack it isnít funny. Any time something bad happens he blames Damien. Itís like hello Holden, maybe itís time for you to get off your high horse. Those Snyder boys never do anything wrong, itís always someone else. 

      Well this is all just my opinion,


P.S. I Love Damien

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/10

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