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ATWT Opinion Article

By Sonia

Re-Cast, Re-Cast, Re-Cast 

      All right everyone, I am officially annoyed. (You're probably wondering whatís bugging me this time.) What was the point of re-casting so many characters lately if theyíre going to be leaving the show so quickly. Maddie Coleman (Kelly Barrett) and Lucy Montgomery (Sarah Glendening) joined the show around December 22, 2008, and I have to say I was very, very receptive to them. I had wanted Lucy to come back so much, I thought it was about time for her to stir things up. I have to say I was hoping Peyton List would come back, because to me she just is Lucy, and no one could even compare to her. When Spencer Grammer came on the show, I immediately wanted her off because I didnít buy her idea of who Lucy had become; everything about Lucy became some sort of a joke. So when I found out that Sara Glendening was coming, I told myself it was time that I gave someone a chance, and to be honest I didnít have to try. I immediately liked Sara as Lucy. I could see that Lucy had grown up a lot, and I was looking forward to the opportunity to see how she dealt with other people besides Johnny. Iím soo annoyed that they cut her off the show, even if her character was not supposed to stick around....come on ATWT, you could have extended her contract. (See, I do give the show props!)

      Now letís talk about Maddie Coleman. Even now Iím not too sure what to think of this actress or how she plays Maddie. I guess I see her in the role, but then, I donít know, something doesnít fit. Since the moment she came into town, she has only had eyes on getting Casey back. That was her only intention in coming to Oakdale....what like there was nothing else for her to do, just fawn over him. I think they could have explored a wide range of things for her to do, but instead they did nothing.

      Jade....enough said! I tried, people. I tried soo hard to like her, but I just canít. Please someone tell me why sheís on the show and why I should like this actress...cuz I have nothing. I think they should have brought the original actress back, because I donít buy the new Jade. I do think itís cool that we're going to see Jade with her father Derek, and thereís a lot to explore there.

      I canít believe Iím saying this, but.....I LOVE The New Craig. I love everything about him. I never thought I would like any re-cast of Craig, because no one compared to Hunt Block. Jon Lindstrom is amazing. He blew me away from the first time he appeared on my television screen. I love the way he portrays pure evil and humor; thereís really a nice balance. His cunning smile, and the way he jokes with everyone... I LOVE HIM....I just have to say it one more time I LOVE HIM.  Itís really hard for me to explain, but itís like he portrays Craig a lot like Hunt Block, and I applaud him for that. The last re-cast Craig (Jeffrey Meek) just tried to change Craig too much for anyone to handle, and I welcomed his departure. Please keep Jon around for a long time! 

      Well, this is just my opinion


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/20/14

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