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ATWT Opinion Article

By Sonia

Iím so grateful that the show didnít drag out this whole "Josie just happened to meet Dusty" storyline, because I saw through it right away. There was no way that by accident this girl would have curly red hair, have the same initials, like the same books, and know how to sew just like Jennifer. It just sucks because I think we all saw how much Dusty cared for her, and it has been a long time since Iíve seen him that happy. I was glad Barbara put her guard up when Josie first came into the picture, but then she let herself get attached. Itís already so hard for Barbara to move on with her life and what Josie did was mean.

I knew Josie was a joke and finally everyone in Oakdale does. I wonder what theyíll do to her. Janet, Janet, Janet, what else is new? I mean, it seems like the whole world revolves around her, and nothing else matters. Of course, Janet had to have the most expensive dress in Fashions (it cost $5,000) and Jack wrote a check right away. At that exact moment, Carly found out that JJ got into a very impressive boarding school, and he too needed money for tuition. Carly got a call from the school saying that JJís check bounced, and she went over to the police station to give Jack a piece of her mind. Of course, Jack had no idea what Carly was talking about, but he still insisted that he pay for Janetís dream wedding. Ok, I was about to throw my water glass through my TV screen, if I heard "Janetís Dream wedding" one more freaking time. Finally Jack convinced Janet that they had to drastically scale back their wedding plans, because he has three kids to support....well duh, how stupid is Janet that she couldnít think of that all on her own. 

When Brad went to his locker, a dead body came tumbling out, and it was Spencer. Katie begged her computer friend to help get her husband out of trouble, and then a limo came to pick her up. To her surprise her mysterious friend was in fact her brother Craig. Ok people, how many times are they going to recast this character....if they're going to bring him back, give him a good storyline, so the actor has something to work with. Just like with the character Chris, it seems like the powers that be cannot cast a character that fans can relate to. Craig said the only way he would help Katie is if she could be his alibi for the night Paulís car was bombed....of course, Katie agreed to lie. The charges against Brad were dropped when Margo and Dani (WHY is she on this show, please tell me!!!! SOMEONE?) found Spencer alive and well in Chicago. Spencer got away, and Dani celebrated with her boyfriend...Craig? What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I donít get this "romantic connection" at all.

It seems to me that this week has been so crazy, I need someone to explain to me what the heck has been going on. Iím just so lost with some of these characters. I also want to know why some of them are even on this show at all. I hope that next week something understandable happens, because I donít think I can take another week like this. 

Well this is all just my opinion,


P.S. Janet needs to leave ASAP!

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/14/10

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