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ATWT Opinion Article

What the Heck is Going on?
By Sonia


Ok, what the heck is going on with this Josie character? Why is she in Oakdale? Iím just kinda confused as to her role on this show. I know they're trying to show us how much she looks like Jen, but we all know that she isnít her....unless she was reincarnated.  Let's look at how she is Jen: she has red hair (BIG, SCARY RED it just me or does her hair seem to get bigger and bigger every day), she can sew clothes, can sing...hmmmm thatís it. We all know how much Dusty misses her, it's soo cute, Jen was the love of his life and no one can replace her. It just seems to me like Dusty wants Josie to be Jen so badly that he isnít thinking straight. When he came back, I wanted Dusty to be with Emily, they are so freaking cute....I mean they didnít have the chemistry that he had with Jen but no one can. Itís just completely frustrating to see Dusty with this girl....I tend to fast forward when sheís on, but then I miss Dusty and I wonít miss him. 

Carly and Jack= Forever!!! Who the heck does Janet think she is? I mean, she keeps yelling at Carly and telling everyone how different she is from Carly but, come on, they're almost the same. I was laughing so hard when Sage locked her in the closet and told her mother that Janet hit her. If Sage were smart, she would have recorded Janetís threats. I also loved how Carly went and served Jack papers, meaning that whenever Jack was with Sage, Janet would have to stay far away from her. Jack thinks heís going to win custody of his kids, and maybe he will, but heís so smug about being right. I would just love him to lose custody...that would serve him right. Jack says he loves his kids, and maybe I buy it...but how come he always believes the women heís with over his kids? Carly loves her kids first, and sure sheís made some mistakes...who hasnít (ohhh thatís right, almighty Jack). I hope so badly that this wedding does not happen. That would make me so happy. I want Bonnie to wipe the floor with Jack when they go to court.

I also wanted to say that I was sooo disappointed with Luke. Lately he hasnít been acting like himself, and this whole election thing has changed him. Itís like a switch went off in his head, and he turned into a jerk and now heís DRINKING!!!! Come on, smarten up Luke and fast before you lose everything. 

Well this is all just my opinion


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/14/10

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