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ATWT Opinion Article

Casting Surprises on ATWT
By Sonia

So it’s been awhile since I wrote my last article, but things have been so crazy here. The show has changed in a big way these past few months, and I’m not sure that I agree with all of them.

Please tell me what was the purpose of bringing Dallas and Bonnie on the show? I mean they have barely been seen since they joined the show. Dallas is basically a foot stool for any police business and has no outside life of his own, and Bonnie has slightly been involved in Henry’s business BUT that’s it. Seriously why cast these characters? 

Then they decided to recast Mike, at first I wasn’t sure about the new guy, but once he started talking I started to like him. Then once I started liking him, he was let go by the show and the reason was money. Moments later the show announced that Grayson would be returning as Dusty. So basically the character of Mike was written off, so they could afford to bring Grayson back…sorry but I would give up a lot of characters to get him back. I was actually upset when they killed Dusty off, I just couldn’t believe it. I mean he’s such a strong character on the show and Grayson is so talented. For the past several months Dusty has been locked in this tiny cage on an island, and he was only discovered after James Stenbeck brought Meg there.

Jack and Carly (I love these two together, they make sense). Paul almost killed Dusty because Meg was sleeping on his shoulder. Paul missed (that was a shocker) and Dusty convinced everyone to keep their mouth shut that he was alive. Holden, of course, said nothing to Lily, because he knew exactly how she would react. Knowing that Meg was going to get in trouble for not letting Margo know everything that happened on that island. Dusty made his grand entrance at the charity event at Metro. I loved Emily’s face when she first saw him, she was thrilled and crushed at the same time. When Dusty was taken to the police station, Emily went running after him and kissed him right in the interrogation room.

I feel like the show is trying to get better, but the biggest problem is that TPTB (the powers that be) are not listening to what the fans want. If they would just listen to what fans want to see, then maybe the show’s ratings would be better. 

Well this is all just my opinion.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/14/10

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