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ATWT Opinion Article

Dusty and Emily
By Sonia

Ohh, man! This couple or ex-couple, I should say, was so great, I think itís time for them to get back together. Emily and Dusty were so adorable together. I admit I didnít see their pairing, but thatís one reason why it worked. Emily has spent so much time being let down by men, and I thought Dusty would be the guy to truly save her. As you all know, Dusty seems to be attracted to women that need saving. Let's look at a list of his past romances:

Lucy: Her father Craig was overprotective of her, had someone kidnap her, Dusty saved her life.

Jennifer: Got addicted to hard core drugs, needed someone to actually save her life.

Emily: Constantly being involved in crazy schemes, she was an escort in Oakdale, Dusty got her out of the business. He also brought back her self esteem which she lost some time ago.

Alison: Saved her from being involved in the adult entertainment business, slept with her.

Lily: Rescued her from her self-destructive behavior, made her feel like she was a kid again.

When Dusty came into Emilyís life, he refused to let her continue to be an escort in Oakdale. No matter how hard she pushed him away, Dusty never left her side. At this point in time, Emily had left all of her self-esteem, she had lost all of the confidence that made her a fan favorite. Emily was feeling so low, she decided to make some quick money by sleeping with men. She actually convinced herself that while she was with a guy, she had complete control. Dusty knew that being involved in this type of business would destroy Emily even more, and he knew her life was worth saving. As Dusty continued to fight for Emily, these two started to fall for one another, and you could see Emily beginning to get her life back. Emily wanted more for herself and her son, so she took Dusty up on his offer and left her escort job. While this was going on, Emily found out that her baby sister Alison was involved in the adult entertainment business, so Dusty and Emily went to Los Angeles to save her. While they were there, Dusty was watching over Alison while she was getting off drugs, and two ended up sleeping together. The worst part was that Alison taped their intimate encounter, and Dusty had no idea. Alison, Dusty, and Emily went back to Oakdale like nothing had ever happened. Well, Aaron decided to show up and try to win Alison back. The two had a huge fight, and Aaron found the tape. Emily and Dusty walked in, and she saw what her boyfriend and sister did. Emily was so devastated that she took her son Daniel away for the summer (the actress was actually pregnant in real life), saying to Dusty she didnít know if or when she would return. When Emily finally came back to town, she brought with her a former flame, Chris, and the two announced they were a couple. Dusty, who was romancing Lily, was defiantly shocked and dismissed Emily/Chrisís relationship as a way to make him jealous. Emily made it quite clear that she was over him, and it appeared as if he was over her as well. Even though the two were "over," they spent one night together, but then went back to being separated. Personally, I want to see these two together again. I mean, come on, Dusty is the best thing that ever happened to Emily.

Well this is all just my opinion,

(PS Grayson is leaving the role of Dusty)

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/14/10

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