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ATWT Opinion Article

A Recap of 2007 Thus Far
By Dani

2007 began with Carly and Simon getting closer and eventually leaving town to evade prosecution for stealing jewels. Jack and Katie harbored a lot of resentment for their exes but found love in each other. Carly returned by early summer ready to reclaim what was hers, but it wasnít available. Parker didnít want anything to do with his mom, and Jack certainly didnít want another unstable relationship with his ex-wife. Carly and Jack were forced together when a character from Juliaís past (JJís mom) came to town and kidnapped JJ. Carly and Jack ended up traveling across the country and tempting fate multiple times to save their son.

Brad was waiting in the wings hoping Katie would fall in love with him but it didnít happen. Brad tried to avoid getting sucked into Carlyís plans to break Jack and Katie up, but he gave in and helped her out. Carly learned she was dying the week Jack and Katie were supposed to get married. Brad was the only one there for Carly as her condition worsened. Carly was put in the hospital on Jack and Katieís wedding day and the truth came out. Jack stayed by Carlyís side eventually ending his marriage to Katie and planning to marry Carly. Carly almost won the man, but the truth about her illness was revealed. She was accidentally misdiagnosed and didnít tell Jack because she feared losing him to Katie again.

Craig and Paul continued to fight over Meg all year. She flip flopped from month to month on who she wanted to be with. Finally deciding she was in love with Paul, she plotted to get Lucindaís company back by marrying Craig. The marriage was supposed to be a sham, but they are still married and expecting a baby. Paul followed Meg on her honeymoon and was pushed off a cliff by Craig. Meg was in a deep depression believing that Paul had died. Paul survived and came out of a coma in the same hospital Rosanna was in. Paul stayed with Rosanna and brought her out of her coma. Rosanna returned to Oakdale with Paul. They wanted revenge on Craig and they got married.

Luke found love, but not before getting involved in the almost murder of Gwen and Jade. Jade brought a Gwen look alike named Cleo to town to break Gwen and Will up. The less fortunate Cleo became obsessed with the aspiring singer who embraced her. While on a special concert tour in Branson, Missouri, Cleo snapped and tied Jade and Gwen to train tracks. Will and Maddie saved them just before a train hit them.

Maddie still suffered from emotional problems stemming from her sisterís serial killing spree. Casey didnít help matters as he became heavily involved and in debt from gambling. Finally Casey stole from Will landing himself on probation and eventually going to prison. Maddie and Gwen became entangled in the murder of Adam. Adam attempted to attack Gwen, Maddie saw it, and hit him over the head in the woods. It killed Adam, so they thought, and they hid the body. Maddie, Casey, Will, and Gwen had to go on the run as Jade got closer to the truth. Adam didnít die and he was out to get them all. Jade led Adam to a hideout when the four kids were on the run. Casey and Will fought Adam off and he disappeared. The kids returned home. Shortly after returning home Gwen found out she was pregnant but lost the baby. Gwen is determined to give Will a child, no matter what it takes.

Emily began prostituting and enjoying it, until she discovered a ďJohnĒ with a porn DVD of Allison. Dusty and Emily saved Allison from the immoral life. Allison was hooked on drugs and defiant. It took Emily falling in love with Dusty and learning he and Allison had a one-night stand to straighten Allison up. It wasnít long after Allison returned to Oakdale, Aaron did too, but things werenít smooth between the ex-couple. Emily left town and returned with Chris, the ex-fiancť of Allison, after learning of the one-night-stand. Dusty remained a helpful friend to Allison but soon found plenty of trouble of his own.

Having battled Cherie, the town madam, for the entire year, Dusty found that he was the prime suspect for murdering her. Dustyís only friend Lily helped, despite what her friendship is doing to her marriage. Cherie turns out to be the biological mother of Noah, the new WOAK intern who is homosexual. Noah became Maddieís boyfriend after Casey went to prison but was attracted to Luke. Luke was attracted to Noah as well. Noah couldnít face his feelings for a man, because his father is a stern, disapproving Army colonel who must always be in control. Col. Meyers turned evil, first killing Cherie to prevent Noah from learning she was his mother, then attempting to kill Luke to get him out of Noahís life.

Henry found himself in a love/ hate relationship with Vienna that soon turned to pure adornment. Vienna stayed in Oakdale through the good and the bad with Henry. They almost married but he couldnít because he feared he was still in love with Katie. Realizing he loves Vienna, they have a fun flirty relationship. Henry won Alís diner in a poker game.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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