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ATWT Opinion Article

Love Lives of Oakdale
By Sonia

This show has always revolved around the love lives of Oakdaleís finest, so what is a person to do when the couples separate? I hate it when Oakdale's supercouples break up.  Itís so upsetting for all fans to see.  For me when Carly/Jack break up, I get very upset because they are Ďmy coupleí (lol...I know they're your couple as well) but let's be honest, they take away the stresses of our lives.  Now here is what drives me nuts about the Jack/Carly break up:  Why is it always Carlyís fault?  Can someone please tell me why she is always the scapegoat?  There is no way that Jack is this perfect; there is no way that he never makes a mistake.  I know that Carly is a headstrong woman who does whatever she wants, but thatís her charm.  Personally if I were Carly, I would be extremely annoyed with perfect little Jack.  I guess the reason that I watch is to see these two characters in action, but I hate it when they're not together.  So just like you, I suffer through those hard times, just to see them get back together. 

Right now another supercouple who is taking a hit is Lily and Holden. Now this is a couple that have had their share of ups and downs, but they always seem to make it through.  The one thing that I love about this couple is that they are both to blame for the mistakes that occurred in their marriage.  One time it may be Holdenís fault and the next time it may be Lilyís fault.  The one thing that I donít understand is why Holden is so concerned about Lily and Dustyís relationship.  I mean, these two have been friends for years, and yes in the past they had something, but again itís in the past.  I just donít understand why Holden is jealous?  Normally Holden is such a mature person but now he is acting like a little schoolboy.  Lily is so devoted to her family, that she would never cheat on Holden no matter what.  This week Holden/Lily will take a dramatic step in their marriage.  I wonder what that could mean?  (Iím sorry, but divorce is not happens so easily in todayís world.)  Iíll pretend for a moment that Iím in their situation.  Divorce for Lily and Holden would be really huge, but why now...over Dusty (lol)?

So these are the couples who I donít believe are supercouples:

(1) Gwen & Will

(2) Rosanna &Paul

(3) Craig & Meg

(4) Jack & Katie

Well this is all just my opinion


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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