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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

Week of October 1, 2007 to October 5, 2007
By Sonia

            So Gwen has to stick her nose into Coleís business yet again.  Doesnít this girl have enough to worry about?  Gwen and Will are trying to have a baby (she lost her Ďmiracleí baby), and they want to have someone else carry their child.  I just donít get what the rush is to have kids.  I think that they need to have their life settled more. So Alison Stewart decides that she wants to have some purpose in her life, so she volunteered to carry their child. I think it is a really nice thing to do, but this is a huge life-altering decision. Once she commits to this, she canít take it back. I think Alison wants to be like her sister Emily, because she is basically doing the same thing her sister did years ago. Alison has been taking some pills in order to prepare for this event, but she is getting sick from all the medication. I wish that she would tell her doctor whatís been going on with her. It could be dangerous if her symptoms get worse. So suddenly Gwenís Ďbrotherí Cole comes marching into town with his girlfriend. Did I miss something because she never mentioned that she had family? So yeah, I canít stand Cole already. He is so rude to his girlfriend, itís like hello, buddy, you got her pregnant. Iím not a Gwen fan but I just loved how she told him that his music funny. So yeah, Gwen went to Carlyís house to have a talk with her sister, and I was not impressed with their conversation. Gwen found a flyer for chemotherapy treatments and was like ĎOh, doing some research.í Itís like hello, sheís sick. So when the cat was out of the bag, Gwen didnít shed a tear that her sister was dying, yes I said dying. I expected them to be in tears, this is something huge and sad. I expected her to cry the way she did when she lost her first son (that was an Emmy Award winning moment).

So Craig and Rosanna are at each others throats once again, and this time it appeared like they were not going to stop until the other one had nothing left. It just seemed like the only thing that was important to Rosanna was doing what Paul wanted, which was making Craig pay for everything that he did in the past. Now if Iím not mistaken Paul is not a perfect angel.  He has done a lot of bad things in his life and maybe he should spend a couple of days in jail as well. So Rosanna walked into the courtroom ready for action, I was like man, Craig is going to wish that he was never born. As she took the witness stand, all of a sudden, itís like she forgot (Ok, Rosanna, I so love how you played Paul...making him think that you would do everything that he said).  As soon as Rosanna came back from her coma, she followed Paulís every move like a lost puppy dog....Finally she came back from the dead, the real Rosanna fights to the death.

Well this is all just my opinion 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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