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ATWT Opinion Article

Carly, Carly, Carly
By Sonia

      All is right with the world again, behold Carly (aka Maura West) is back. Oh thank gosh Carly is back in Oakdale, I donít know how much longer I could have taken the show the way it was. I mean I donít care about Cleo/Gwen/Will or Jack and (ewwww) Katie or this whole Paul has magical powers thing. Itís time for Carly to take over my TV screen again, the show hasnít been the same and I have to say I did miss Carly. My only problem with Carly leaving the way she did (leaving her family to go off with Simon, instead of going to jail) Basically her family feels hurt by what she has done, and I know that itís not easy for them to trust her again. We all know that Jack is going to play the victim/hero again because we all know that he never does anything wrong. I canít stand it when he acts like is superior to everyone around him (especially Carly). Any time anything happens in the Snyder household itís always Carlyís fault. Hello I would like the writers to make Carly/Jack break up, but this time have it be Jackís fault. I would like to see the writers show Carly step up to the plate instead of being the one that caused it. This time I think Jack is the one to blame for making Carly turn her attention to Simon. Jack is trying to make Carly into a person that she isnít and we all know that wonít happen any time soon. Carly has her flaws (yes we all know) but at least she can admit it. Jack walks around like he is completely perfect, and that anything done outside of his Ďboxí is immoral and wrong. So now Jack has found himself someone new, ok Katie is not new. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Katie is looking more and more like Carly every day. Ok, they both have short blond hair, and have similar styles. You just watch that Katie is going to come up and be like ĎCarly you did this all yourself, you gave up your family for SimonÖthe loserí. Like hello Katie maybe you should look in the mirror every once in awhile because who ruined her marriage to Mike (that would be you) and now all of the sudden everyone forgets what she has done to him. Ok I wanna see people attack Katie over and over again because it seems like people never forget what Carlyís does, but they forget everything that Katie does. Oh man why does this have to happen to Carly all the time? I just donít get it, but I guess thatís what makes her character so exciting. 

Well this is all just my opinion

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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