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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

By Eva

I have been watching As the World Turns since the mid-1980s, and the thing I always loved about it was its focus on its core families:  the Hughes, the Walshes, the Mongomerys, and the Snyders. These families were great, because for the most part, they make you wish that your family was like them; that no matter what their problems and arguments, they always loved each other and stuck together. Of the three daytime dramas that I watch, As The World Turns used to be one of the most true to life shows on daytime television, which is what I loved about it.  I know that sometimes the viewers were asked to suspend reality, but it was never too far and nothing that didnít make sense in the storyline.  As The World Turns has strayed from those story elements that first got me hooked on watching it every day.  It seems that now the viewers are asked to suspend reality with storylines that donít make any sense and seem to keep repeating themselves over and over again, sometimes with different characters like in the case of Will Munson and the woman who looked like his wife Gwen and fell in love with him so much so that she became obsessed with him and later tried to kill his wife.  This storyline is the same as the time when Lilyís sister Rose came to town and fell in love with her husband Holden and slept with him.  Will has two women obsessed with him in two years' time, the second being Jade who fell in love and slept with him as well.

I know that soap writing isnít always perfect. I have been watching soaps for a long time, but to be honest I miss former head writer Hogan Shaffer. In the time he was writing the show, he brought it back to its glory of the 1980s and 1990s, because he respected the history of each character and wrote wonderful stories that got me interested in watching the show again after being bored for a long time.  The pace of the show was faster while he was there, and you had to watch every day for fear that you would miss something important that day instead of the standard formula of something exciting only happening on Friday.  I am bored again with the new storylines and the very slow pace of the show, because lately it seems nothing happens even on a Friday.  I am also very disappointed with the fact that the writers seem to be forgetting about character history and systematically ruining two of my favorite supercouples by having them fight over small things that in the scheme of all they have survived donít make any sense for them to fight about at all.  Holden and Lily have survived affairs by both parties, explosions, supposed deaths of one or the other and still have managed to get back together, because that is what supercouples do; they survive anything and somehow get back together.  The writers now expect the viewers to believe that Holden might end his marriage because Lily lied to him about being addicted to diet pills when everyone knows that addicts lying is part of their addiction. 

The second of my favorite supercouples is Jack and Carly who have also had many of the same problems as Holden and Lily, except that Jack has had two obsessed women after him both coincidentally named Julia. Both he and Holden are extremely forgiving and understanding men. They both forgive and understand things that real life people would take years to do. For example, Jack forgave Carly for sleeping and marrying his brother Brad. Jack also forgave Carly for sleeping with his best friend and her former lover Mike the night before she was supposed to marry him. Jack would understand the fact that Carly paid the ransom to her sonís kidnappers because she wanted him brought home safely.  Jack would never yell at Carly for almost getting him killed, because these two people have been together so long that they finish each other's sentences and know what the other is thinking without even saying a word to each other.  Jack and Carly are the couple that is one of the best in daytime at what I call wordless looks that say everything without even saying a single word on screen.  The only other couples that can do that are Josh and Reva on Guiding Light.  Holden and Lily used to be pretty good at doing that but lately they have lost that connection.  A great young supercouple that is also beginning to master those wordless looks are Will and Gwen Munson but they still need a little more time together, although for their youth they have suffered a lot since they first got together. 

I am also not happy that the writers are trying to push this Jack and Katie coupling at us when they rushed the story just so that Carly would have a rival for Jackís heart when she came to her senses and dumped Simon and went back to Jack and her kids.   It would have made more sense if the writers brought Roseís friend Mitzi back who always had a crush on Jack which the writers never fully developed.  I would have loved to see Mitzi return and knock some sense into Roseís daughter Jade and comfort Jack and help him get over the pain of Carly having to escape the police.  In an effort to push Jack and Katie on the viewers so fast, Jack is now mad at Carly for leaving her kids and escaping with Simon, but what the writers seem to have forgotten was that Jack helped Carly escape, because he didnít want to see the woman he loved and the mother of his children in jail.

I still watch the show because of my favorite characters and wonderful actors that I enjoy watching, but it has lost a lot of its spark and excitement. I hope that the show can fix these minor problems and make the show exciting again.  I wish they would bring back some of the Hughes clan, and the Snyder brothers and sisters need to return to the show. I have enjoyed the Lucinda/Craig fight for Worldwide and am excited that the original actor who played Craig is back in the role, although I also enjoyed Hunt Block as Craig.  I have been enjoying the relationship between Paul, Parker, and Faith. It helps Paul to try to be a good role model for Parker and Faith.  I still enjoy As The World Turns because it still has many good points, an awesome cast, and characters that I love and root for every day.  I just miss the great writing and stories the show once had, but I am hopeful that it will get back to its roots that made me love it so much when I first started to watch it. 

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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