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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

Week of April 16 to April 20, 2007
By Sonia

      Again Jade tries to interfere in Gwen/ Willís life (oh yes), but she does it by finding someone who looks exactly like Gwen, a girl name Cleo. I have to say I think this whole playing a double role is stupid, I donít see why the writers are even bringing this up. I donít think that there would be someone out there like Gwen, and if I looked like her I would get a make over. I know that Jade wants Will but honestly for some stupid reason he is in love with Gwen and nothing will change that. It seems like Gwen and Will are attempting to make their relationship work, by discussing their future. Craig takes over Lucindaís company and re names it, while he does this he kicks Lucinda out of the building. Lucinda is beyond mad but decides to start over fresh by creating her own company, Lily says that she will help her mother but Lucinda says that she doesnít want her help. Lily ruined Lucindaís dreams and now she is forced to start her life all over again. Lily says that she will take a job at Craigís new company and she can be a double agent and give Lucinda any information as to how to take Craig down. Lucinda immediately dismisses the idea, but Lily says sheíll do it and stop taking the diet pills. Faith is so consumed with the way she looks that she again throws her lunch away, and begins searching for something in the cabinet. Holden catches her and he finds a pack of Laxatives. Faith says that she took the pills because Parker invited her to a Pep Rally. So yeah anyone wanna throw up? I do. This whole Katie/Jack Ďthingí is truly sick believe me seeing them kiss is beyond anything that I could imagine. Why in the world would the writers put them together? Hello their basically brother and sister, Iím so happy that Maura West is coming back in May (oh yes) Allison is back in town, and Emily insists on making Allison change her destructive ways. While out shopping Elwood recognizes that he saw Allison in some sort of movie, no film but Allison denies while dragging her mother away. Emily insists to Dusty that she canít work on the article or with Craig anymore she needs to focus on Allison. Dusty tells Emily that he bought the Intruder from Craig, and sold his stocks in World Wide at the same time. Emily realizing that Dusty doesnít have a job anymore because of her must make the Intruder a huge success.

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Page updated 11/14/10

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