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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

Why Do you Watch?
By Sonia

I thought maybe you guys were interested in a change from my weekly opinions, usually I write about my feelings regarding the previous week. This time I wanted to know why you watch ATWT's and what made you start in the first place. For me, Iíve basically been watching the show since birth, or maybe it just seems like it. Iím 20 years old and have been watching the show since I was seven. One day I told my co-worker this and he came with an insane number of hours that (Iím quoting him) ďI wasted.Ē Personally I donít see the show as a waste, this show provides me with a sense of fantasy or a place where I can just escape when I need to. For many years I have watched the show (or taped it) without fail, it was kinda like I was in a trance (I would or could not forget) If I missed even one episode a month my sister and I would literally flip out because we knew we would miss something. Even when we went on vacation we couldnít miss one day, so we taped the show in advance so we could catch up when we got back. So many years I watched the show without fail, but lately it seems like the show is going into a direction that I donít know if I can follow. So now Iím going to delve into some of my problems with ĎThe New ATWT's, why does the showís creators insist on hiring so many new actors, to play characters that I canít stand or just actors that I canít stand. I feel like the show use to be about tradition and now so much focus is being taken away from that. There are so many veterans that are no longer being used, and it makes me wonder why? These actors are the ones that really made this show, and now all of the sudden their being placed on the back burner or their being used as pointless fillers. I think characters like Gwen, Will, Maddie, Cassey, Jade, and Adam are basically over exposed. Do the writers really think that I care about some stupid music story line, or that I wanna see Gwen act like a spoiled brat every second. The answer to NO, just NO, I donít like Jennifer Landon for one and I donít want to be forced to watch worthless stories surrounding her. I started to watch the show because I love character like Carly, Jack, Holden, Lily, Emily, Lucinda, etc. So maybe right now Iím a little frustrated with the direction of the show, I think in the past month or so Iíve Ďmissedí more episodes then I did from ages 7 to 19. I hope the show remembers why it was successful in the fist place, and losses these annoying stories.

Hope you all enjoyed a little change this week,

Well this is all just my opinion

P.S. Even though the show isnít exactly going in my direction, my dream would be to act on As The World Turns. Hey, Chris Goutman, Iím ready.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/14/10

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