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ATWT Opinion Article

"Year in Review"
By Snoopy
January 1, 2007

So 2006 is over. How can one sum up this year on As the World Turns. I would say that it has had its ups and downs. We started out with Emily leaving Paul for dead, and him being found by Meg. We soon discovered that Meg and Paul had some mad chemistry, and she could possible be his best match yet, but somewhere along the way, their love story became all about Emily and Craig. Letís hope that these two can get back on track to becoming the next super couple in 2007. Emily went completely insane this year, but I must say that this is some of her portrayerís finest work ever. Maura West delivered as all ways along with her costar Michael Park in their heartbreaking breakup scenes, but the rest of the year for them was just kind of blah.

I would say that Jenniferís death scenes were some of the best scenes I have ever seen. Iíve never cried so much, they were heartbreaking, and every actor was at the top of their game, but there was not fall out at ALL. Nobody really seemed to grieve for long, except Dusty.

The slasher storyline started out as really campy and odd, but as they got more into it, and especially once they reached Raven Lake, it became really enjoyable. Jade arrived this year, and for the life of me, I canít figure out why Lily has yet to get a DNA test. So she relies on Dr. Lucyís 30 second analysis of Jade and Lilyís blood work? Give me a break. Van Hansis did some fine work as Luke this year, but it seems as if his coming out story was lacking some more story and it just ended abruptly. Why doesnít Jade get a job?

Dallas Griffin arrived in the form of a good actor (Duane), and he brings supreme energy to every scene he is in. So why the writers canít recognize a good thing, and give the man a story. It has been a while since any black actors have been a significant part of Oakdale. (All of the soaps should take a clue as to why Young and Restless is the number 1 soap.)

There was much buzz about the return of two sexy characters, Simon and Damien. I am still upset at how much they ruined the character of Damien, in order to give Lucy and Luke a story. It was unnecessary, and I fear that we have seen the last of Damien. Simon has probably worn out his welcome. His storyline has run dry, and I think the fans were anticipating a Skatie reunion, that didnít happen. Speaking of Katie, what on earth has happened to her this year? She has always been manipulative and annoying, but she has become a downright B$%^%! It was already sickening enough to watch Katie and Mike make bacon everywhere in Oakdale. It was really sick how quickly he forgave her for sticking her nose where it didnít belong again, which basically lead to the death of his cousin Nick. But I think that her latest run of nosiness takes the cake. She sleeps with her ex husband and then gets mad that he respected her wish to leave her alone. The worst is that she is treating her so called friend Carly as if she had done something wrong. Thank goodness that Mike is starting to see what a hateful little witch that she is. Now all we have to do is get Henry on board. Here are my lists for standouts this year.

Best Actresses:
Maura West and Kelley Menighan-Hensley
Best Actor:
Michael Park
John Hensley
Best Supporting Actresses:
Jennifer Ferrin
Colleen Zinter
Best moms:
Lucinda and Emma
Best supporting actors:
Benjamin Hendrickson
Guy who plays Tom Hughes
Best Younger Actors:
Van Hansis
Jessie Lee Sofer
Zach Roderig
Best Younger Actresses:
Jen Landon
Alex Chando
Elena Good

Best Newcomer
Dallas Griffin (Duane McLaughlin)
Best reoccurring:
Vienna Hyatt
Best scenes:
Carly and jack breakup scenes
Jenniferís deathbed scenes
Paul and Megís scenes in the cabin

Worst return:
Damien Gramaldi and Lucy Montgomery

Most missed:
Roseanna Cabot
Worst character destruction

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/20/14

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