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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

November 6 to November 10
by Sonia

Iím sorry. Whatís with everyone wanting to invest their time and money into the stupid singing career story line? I think Gwenís supposed music career shouldnít be on TV, much less appear to be a front burning story line. I truly hope this dream of a music career lands Gwen falling flat on her face, that would be something that I would pay to see. So Casey decides to basically disappoint his grandmother by quitting Crash so he can help Gwen get her career off the floor. Ok the kid may have an interest in music but that doesnít mean he has any business trying to create a new artist. I like how Adam isnít giving Gwen a break just because sheís his sister in law, and she has to realize that it takes a lot of focus to make your mark in the entertainment industry. I think itís funny that Will is getting so upset that Adam isnít handling her with kid gloves, and just because heís fronting the money doesnít mean he can control what goes on in the recording studio. It appears that Lucy has had enough with Craig so she has him arrested for kidnapping in order to show her support for Dusty. Dusty is impressed that sheís starting to get a backbone, but she quickly loses it and Dustyís trust when she canít testify against her father in court. Frustrated with what occurred, Dusty threatens to do whatever it takes to bring Craig down, and bring his little boy home. Simon comes to see Katie just as she is getting rid of their past, itís a box filled with token memories. Simon is touched that she kept everything, but Katie begins to lose her cool with her former lover. Just as Katie beings to cry, Simon takes her into his arms and they share a sweet embrace. Then suddenly their innocent kiss heats up, and the two start to make love. Just as itís over, Katie starts to realize that it was a huge mistake, hello Katie this isnít like you ate an extra cookie and can work off the extra calories; you cheated on your husband. Iím sorry I donít feel sorry for her at all, she and only she decided to break her marriage vows and now she has to live with the consequences of her actions. Unfortunately Mike reads everything that Katie did the night before on her laptop and he leaves her for good. While Katieís relationship is over, Simon and Carly seem to be able to get past this little event.

Well this is all just my opinion

P.S. Matthew Morrisonís last air date is Nov 27th, enjoy!!!

Mark Collier and Paul Layden are leaving Oakdale very soon

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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