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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

My 2 Cents
by Snoopy

Ok, so itís been a while since my last column.  I have been very busy at Disney World these days, but not to busy to watch ďAs the World TurnsĒ.  I think the show may have found itís new niche, by getting the audience involved in their suspenseful storylines (The slasher murder mystery, and the Perfect Storm) and advertising them like a movie you would go see t the theatre (very creative).  Thank God that Lily has awakened, because I missed Martha Byrne.  Too bad that she didnít awaken in time to have some real scenes with Damien (maybe they would have kept him around). 

I am extremely sick of Emilyís obsession with Paul and her hatred of Meg (for no good reason).  Itís understandable that one would hold resentment towards the person that your lover chose over you, but you would think that Meg was the devil herself the way that Emily rants about her.  What is up with Henry?  Why does he go along with her antics?  Emily needs to be back in the Psch ward pronto!  It is very sad that she lost her baby.  However, it gets to me that women who donít take care of themselves and who run around like mad women, expect to have an easy birth.  Maybe now (though I doubt it), Emily will focus on caring for herself and stay the hell away from Paul.

As the World Turns has really outdone themselves.  Between Casey and Maddie and Will and Gwen, itís hard for me to decide which darn couple is cuter. Hereís to hoping that Gwen and Will stay together and that Casey and Maddie find their way back to each other.  Itís hard to believe that someone like Jade could come between this couple.  Sheís attractive, but doesnít have half the substance of Gwen and very little connection with Will.  So Maddie is staying with Tom and Margo.  How does Henry afford to stay at the Lakeview?

I love Carly and I love Simon, but I am tired of their isolated scenes together. I guess there is no harm in them having a little fun, but I donít like them together romantically.  I canít wait for the day that Carly and jack find their way home.

I thought that maybe if I gave it some time, that Lucy would remember that she has two aunts on her fatherís side (Katie and Margo).  No such luck.  Neither Margo nor Katie seems to remember that they have a niece either.  In fact, I canít remember the last time that Katie has had a scene with someone other than Mike and Nancy.  Overall the show is still going strong.  And Iíll be holding my breath for the day that Lucy, Margo, and Katie interact again (NOT!).

Just my 2 cents,


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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