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ATWT Opinion Article

Guess Who the Slasher is?
Week of Sept 4 to Sept 8
by Sonia

Finally, and I do mean finally, it looks like this whole slasher storyline may be coming to an end. If you didnít read the spoilers regarding the identity of the slasher, then you were probably just as surprised as I was when it turned out that Luis did not kill all of those innocent kids. Just after Luis told Maddie that he did not kill all of those people he was stabbed in the back. I couldnít believe that just happened, I literally had to press rewind on my VCR so I could see it again. After Luis dropped to the ground my mind started to race because I wanted to know who could have done this. The people I knew that couldnít do this were: Maddie, Jade, Henry, Gwen, Will or Casey (thatís just obvious) Maddie started running as fast as possible because she wanted to get away from the slasher, but she couldnít run that fast. A little while later Maddie or Casey (I canít remember which one) hit the slasher over the head. Maddie double checked to make sure that Casey was doing ok, then she turned her attention to see whose face was under that mask. Once she removed the mask she saw Eveís (her sister) face, and demanded to know why she killed all of those people, and what made her crazy. The reasons for Eve killing all of those people made me laugh so hard, because she said that she was tired of everyone buying Maddieís innocent, or why me act. She also said that Maddie begged Luis to assault her, and Maddie did this by wearing form fitting clothes. Eve didnít blame Luis for what he did to her sister, she placed the blame on Maddie for distracting her husband. Luis is dead because Maddie took him away from Eve, Luis was the only person Ďrealí in her life. Casey was hurt (she tried to kill him really) because he was a person that was very important in Maddieís life. The other kids that were killed were seen as collateral damage and it just had to be done. Moments later Eve escaped but was soon handcuffed by Jack, while Henry stood by in shock of what Eve would do to her own sister. Itís nice that this story line will soon be raping up, there were just too many teens this summer. I am looking forward to what the fall will bring for the regulars on the show.

Well this is all my opinion

p.s I heard an article about Michael Park (aka Jack) saying that if Jack couldnít be with Carly he would like to see Jack with Jessica (I would love to see this)

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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