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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

My 2 Cents
by Snoopy

Ok.  Who else is sick to death of the Mike and Katie sescapades?  Even Matie fans seem to be getting bored with their storyline revolving around the bedroom.  When was the last time that Mike had something to do, other than construction and rushing home to his wife to do the deed.  Oh, thatís right.  Sometimes they donít even bother to go home.  They just do it wherever they are (like they did at Mikeís job).  This is getting ridiculous.  These two actors are too talented to not be given a storyline with more depth.  They almost had some real issues to deal with, when Nick was killed by Katie, but even that didnít stop these two for more than a week, and they were back to what they do best (Iím sure you all know what that is).  If there is nothing else for these characters to do, then split them up and give them a life outside of each other.  At least when Mike was with Jennifer, we saw a different side of him working at Street Jeans.  When he was with Pilar, he raced cars. 

Wow.  Is it just me, or when the heck did Lucy become a full fledged Snyder, more so than a Montgomery?  Lucy has always been close to her grandmother Lucinda.  But it was obviously a major plot device for her and Luke to suddenly be in each otherís orbit.  Lucy has been in town for months, and is now a doctor.  That is a big deal!  So why then, has she yet to speak to her aunt Katie and her aunt Margo???  Lucyís first week back in town, we saw her have separate dinners with Lily, Lucinda, Luke, and even Holden.  She even ran into her new half brother (baby Johnny) at the hospital.  I waited and waited, but no mention of Katie and Margo. It just doesnít make since.  Before she left town, she was on good terms with both of her aunts.  You would think that the writers could find some reason for Lucy to interact with her aunt Katie and with Margo, Casey, and Tom.  Even if the only excuse, is that they are friggen related!  No such luck.

Why do the teens in Oakdale insists on walking through the woods alone when there is a slasher on the loose?  I understand that Maddie was raped and that every time something bad happens, they find her hovering around somewhere close.  I can see why she would be a suspect.  However, my logic fails me when it comes to understanding why it is that the revelation that Louis raped Maddie means that he is the slasher.  Let me do the math again.  Louis + raping Maddie = Oakdale Slasher! Ok.  If you say so.  Well, this is my two cents for now.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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