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ATWT Opinion Article

Dose Katie have a life? NO
Week of July 24 to July 28

by Sonia

After watching this week I have again confirmed my views that Katie is a selfish spoiled brat (she kinda reminds me of Gwen).  Why does Katie think that everything Simon does is about her? And why does she think she has a right to tell Carly what to do with her life? Again the answer is because she has a big ego and thinks that the world revolves around her.  I wonder how Mike is going to spend the rest of his life (in the soap world, a year at most) handle her self absorbed world.  I think one day heís going to get sick of her whining and dump her for a better model.  Carly only came to Katie because she wanted to let her know what was up, she wanted Katie to find out from her that she was taking a job working for Simon.  I laughed so hard when Carly was like ďKatie Iím not asking your permissionĒ get a grip Katie Carly can do whatever she wants sheís a big girl (sheís been out of diapers for quite awhile, so you can stop holding her hand) Carly has spent most of her time having to ask permission from Jack when she does something, and I think itís time that Carly became Carly again.  Sheís spent so much time being Mrs.  Snyder and I think that she has lost her spark, the thing that makes her unique.  Iím really happy seeing Carly and Simon together, they seem to have a lot of time.  They complement each other really well, itís like if they make a mistake itís no big deal, their not going to lose their cool.  Happy Birthday to the newest Snyder baby (this little boy has yet to be named), the baby was born via c-section, and Lily is still in her coma.  Iím excited to see what they name this little boy, hopefully itís not something boring, come on this is a soap experiment with the name.  Lucy went to Jennís grave site to apologize that her actions caused Jennís death, and she said some very sweet things.  As she was having a moment with Jenn, Dusty wants into the graveyard and is listening to what Lucy is saying.  You can tell by his face that he finally realizes that it wasnít Lucyís fault, that maybe some how this was meant to be.  The funniest thing happened this week and believe you me I couldnít stop laughing.  Lucinda came into the Lakeview for what looks like a meeting for her business or to talk with Lucy when she bumps into Simon.  At the end of their conversation Simon plants a big kiss on Lucinda and it looks like she enjoyed that kiss a little too much.

Well this is all just my opinion

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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