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ATWT Opinion Article

"Sorry Jack-the-Jerk is BACK”
Week of June 12 to June 16, 2006
by Sonia

I know, I know I shouldn’t have let my hopes get up that Jack was finally coming around, that he realized how much his family actually met to him, but sadly I was mistaken. Ok, I’m not even Carly but I felt like it was all going to work out, he kept giving her signs and they include the following: kissing her in the cave (over and over again), holding her hand (over and over again), going to Gwen’s graduation (actually the whole family went together), and basically moving in with her. The next day Carly got into her wedding dress because she felt that Jack had a major surprise for her. (boy did he ever, but it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind) When he came home Carly was dressed in her wedding dress (when I saw this I actually started to scream at the TV because I knew what was about to happen) When he got home Carly went on about how glad she was that they were back together, and while she was making her speech he never jumped in to say one word. At the end she gave him her ring and said yes that she would marry him, but he emotionally slapped her in the face when he announced that he was leaving her again. Carly had finally had enough of Jack emotional abuse and she threw the ring at him and demanded that he leave. When he said he was going to get his stuff she said don’t bother, she would send his things. (How much more did he think she could take, she couldn’t beg him anymore, she just couldn’t) When he was standing outside the door, she made sure that she locked it tight, that was honestly a huge slap in Jack’s face. (I was so proud of Carly, finally this girl is coming around) Damien had set a little trap to send Luke to a camp over the summer to ‘fix’ Luke and at first Lily went along with it but after she realized that they weren’t going to help her son she went home. When she tried to explain to her son that she never meant for that to happen he lightly pushed her, and she went tumbling down the stairs. Jenn and Dusty’s son Johnny (oh man if I hear, our son, my son one more time I’m gonna snap…ok writers we all know that Dusty officially adopted Johnny) so Johnny came down with a rare form of cancer. Emily offered to give the stem cells of her unborn baby to Johnny in hopes that this would cure the little boys disease.


Oh man I couldn’t believe my eyes when he appeared on the screen, I honestly jumped for joy (hopefully you all understand my love for this guy…I’m not crazy, really I’m not) I could care less what Simon does on the show, he’s perfect in every way, I can’t believe that he’s not with Katie right now. At this moment Katie is kinda boring the heck out of me, so I kinda have to fast forward some of her scenes, but when’s she’s with Simon she comes alive, she’s boring now just like Mike. I could talk for guys about Paul Layden (Simon) I don’t want this guy to leave ATWT’s, he just makes the show even better (if that could ever happen)

So p.s ladies hands off my man!!!!

Not gonna mention Gwen/ Will because I can’t stand either of them

Well this is all just my opinion

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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