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ATWT Opinion Article

Bye, Bye, Nick
Week of May 29 to June 3, 2006

During this week so many different things have happened, but for me the front burner stories always surround Carly and Jack. At the end of last week, Carly and Katie were taken hostage by Nick (which is kinda hard to believe because he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would do that). While the three of them were in the car, Katie kept talking Nick’s ear off (which was getting on my last nerve), Carly was sitting in the car quietly and she only spoke when she was asked a question. All of the sudden Carly got a bright idea (she has so many good ideas), then she grabbed Katie’s hand and drove right into a tree. That caused a major accident, Carly and Nick were knocked out and Katie was the only one that wasn’t hurt. (Surprise, surprise…this girl seems to make it out of any situation.) Then Carly told Katie to go get help because she was stuck in the car, and Carly was left with Nick. Nick finally made it out of the car and Carly told him to run before the cops came, but Nick being the sweet and sensitive kidnapper wouldn’t let Carly stay there. The reason is because he didn’t want Jack to be the hero again, he wanted to one up Jack. (Like that would ever happen, Carly is totally in love with Jack.) Finally Nick ran away, and Carly was left by herself inside a dark cave. Jack finally found Carly and he did it by seeing her wedding ring on the ground and following the compass (he followed the compass north). When Carly was in the cave, she was going in and out of consciousness and was scared that, if something happened to her, Sage would not remember who he was. Jack told her not to worry. While Carly was in the hospital, Mike got a phone call from Nick and he ran off to go see his cousin. Meanwhile Katie was listening to Mike’s side of the conversation. When Mike got to this little cabin, Nick demanded that Mike give him his keys so he could go to Canada (why do they always come here?) Their conversation heated up and the two began to fight, Katie walked in. Nick came towards her and Katie shot Nick. (Can you believe that? I would never have thought that she would do something like that.) Nick died at the hospital, and Mike could barely even look at his new wife. The New Lucy finally came into town, and now all of the sudden she is a doctor. (How the heck did that happen? Wow she was gone for one year and now she’s a doctor.) Right away she was flirting with Dusty when she saw him at the hospital. Lucy saw Jen a few minutes later, and Jen was soooo jealous. (Man you couldn’t get that look off her face.) Damien seemed to have made a connection with Luke, which is nice because they really don’t have a father-son relationship. I won’t even bother talking to you about Gwen, and will because those two are so boring, and I can’t stand them.

Well this is all my opinion

See ya, later Nick (aka Jordan). We hardly knew ya

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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