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ATWT Opinion Article

Carjack (Carly/Jack) Fans Devastated
Week of March 27 to March 31

This was a week that I didn’t enjoy watching ATWT’s, I am a total and dedicated fan, and I will continue to watch for the rest of my life, but there are days when I want to change the station. Jack found out that Carly was involved in setting Nick up, and believe me he was not at all amused with her latest stunt. Jack dragged Carly down to the police station like she was a common criminal (basically he treated her like dirt) Carly admitted that she put drugs in Nick’s drink, she only wanted to get photos of him sleeping with a hooker so he would lose his job. She never imaged that drugs would be placed on Nick, and that he would have been badly assaulted. When Carly confessed all, Katie was looking on in satisfaction that Carly was getting what she deserved. (At this point I was getting pretty ticked off with Katie because she’s standing there acting like she has not done anything wrong in her life, I was thinking Katie if you even say one word I’m gonna scream, and of course she had to open that big mouth of hers) Carly looked Katie right in the eyes, and called Katie out for the things that she has done to protect the man that she loves. When Carly/Jack went back home; Jack made it official that in fact their marriage was over and he was going to move out. Carly begged, and begged Jack to give their marriage one more chance but he continued refusing her offer. Carly wandered if the reason Jack was so egger to move away was because he was ready to find another woman to be with, and that Julia was Jack’s first chance to experience being with someone else.( It ticks me off because Jack says that he really loves Carly, but he continues to try and change her, and it makes me sick) While all of this was going on Jen still had day dreams that Dusty was alive, and that he was trying to communicate with her. Barbara must be losing her mind again because she told Kim that she is willing to let Will have access to his trust fund only if he graduates from high school, and will support this ‘marriage’.( yeah freaking right, Babs has something up her sleeves and I can’t wait until she pulls a fast one of these two love birds) Paul and Emily decide to get married in jail, and just as they are about to say their ‘I Do’s’ Meg walks in. (she was so surprised at what she was seeing, so was Hal and Susan) Luke admits to Jade that he can’t keep lying to his parents and he doesn’t want to pretend to be with Jade any longer. As these two fake lovebirds walk into the Snyder home together, Lily demands that Jade leave her home immediately. Jade says the only way that she is leaving is if Luke comes with her, and Luke surprises Jade by saying no. Just as Jade begins to tell his secret Luke faints and is rushed to the hospital. Luke is having problems with his kidneys which is caused by stress.( this kid is under so much pressure, should he tell his parents? If he does what will they say?...Personally I think Jade needs to go)

Well this is all just my opinion

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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