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As The World Turns Articles Pages

ATWT Opinion Article

Things Definitely Heat Up This Week
March 20 - 24

            This was so not a good week to be in Oakdale as things came to a head for Jack and Carly. We as viewers all know why Carly took the job at the Galaxy Club, but Jack is finding it hard to forgive his wife. Finally Jack came home, and Carly was there wearing a sexy little outfit. Jack began pushing Carly to drink some champagne, he also grabbed her and made her kiss him. Moments later the two were making love, and Carly felt that this meant the two were back together, but Jack replied that it was just sex. Jack ran out the door moments later when he received a phone call, and when Carly heard the door slam shut she ran after him (why in the world would you run after a guy who just treated you like dirt?) When Carly’s pal from the Galaxy club came by asking for money Carly gave her 50 bucks, and the woman thought she was joking. Carly then handed over her diamond necklace, and when Carly fell after she was hit, Parker came to her rescue. He came down with what looked like a real gun and pointed it at the woman. (Parker, my hero; and I know were all thinking the same thing, this kid is so going to be a cop) Carly asked Parker to keep this incident a secret, because Jack did not need to know. Things between Maddie and Casey heated up, and Lisa found him hiding under Maddie’s bed. Lisa announced that she was buying Mabel’s Red Hots, and would be turning it into a club, where Casey would be the DJ.( Why didn’t she buy Metro over, that club is basically sitting there empty, and Mabels has been a part of the show for a long time, why destroy it?) We all saw Dusty chained up on the ground of some building, and Emily was standing in front of him with a guy. Dusty flashed back to when he got hit by Emily a couple of weeks ago. (Emily is so low, she’s going to go to jail and she won’t have her son again) Babs arrived at Hals house because she found out that Gwen/Will got married, and she said she came over to say Congrats (yeah right, no one buys it) Then she threw the fact that Will comes from a wealthy family in Gwen’s face, and he will get bored with this little marriage, but Gwen didn’t care. Katie (what a little rat) took Nick to the Lakeview so he could remember what went on it that room. Katie did a little roll playing (she unbuttoned her shirt, and let her shoulders be exposed) then Nick made that announcement that Carly was not in that room. They went down to the Galaxy Club where Katie auditioned to become a stripper (so last week she was yelling at Carly for her being in that club, and while there Carly never got up on that stage to dance, but Katie did it in the first second…so how is this any better ? It’s not)

Emily is the new Barbara

Lately it seems to me that Emily has been losing her mind, remember after Barbara started to see Craig, they got married and then her whole face was burned? After that she seemed to change? She wasn't the same person anymore, and she did things knowing that it would hurt the people that she loved the most. When Babs was with Craig she forgot all about her family (she was consumed by him) when Emily started seeing Paul she forgot about her son, it was like he didn't matter.....wasn't Babs seeing Craig while she was still married to Hal, and Emily started to see Paul when she was married to Hal.

These are all since being scorned

didn't like the way Carly/Rose/Emily were involved in her life/family so she sent them to a spa
Drove a car through Will's mental institution
Jumped out of a window
setting Gwen up with the 'stolen' necklace

lied about the baby switch (tried to cover it up)
kidnapping Dusty

It just seems like Emily, is starting to become Babs

Well, this is all just my opinion

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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