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ATWT Opinion Article

November Sweeps
By Julio

            In the world of soaps, sweeps months are usually the time frames were most action takes place. Storylines are either wrapped up and giving the viewer payoff for the loyalty of watching or stories are sped up and taken in new, more exciting direction. Personally, I look forward to sweeps months (February, May and November. August is a minor sweeps month, but not as important as the three mentioned above) and all the twists and turns the writers have in store for us that month.

            November 2005 has to be the most pathetic sweeps month ever for As The World Turns. All the soapy goodness that makes soaps bubbly was missing. For those of you that slept through the month here’s what happened:

BJ/Katie/Henry/Maddie/Mike: Upon revealing himself as Byron Glass (Katie’s former high school classmate) BJ Green forced Katie to remain working at WOAK. Suspicious of BJ’s past Jack Snyder tried to get a job with BJ without success, he later tried to convince Henry to spy on BJ but he decline. Next, BJ drugged Henry’s martini and locked him in a wine cellar.

This is where the story became total crap for me. People locked in cages, basements, pits, wells, cellars or caves are usually redundant storylines where nothing happens. The formula is always the same: 1. Person is locked up. 2. Person is almost found by loved ones but is never found. 3. Captor taunts the captive 4. Story usually puts viewers to sleep.

The fact that everyone except Maddie Coleman is blissfully unaware that Henry could be in danger makes everything more boring and excruciatingly stupid.

I wished this storyline could’ve played out differently. Making BJ a creepy psycho dork so soon into his run was a foolish move. The character is one-dimensional and very difficult to like. I’m sure the Matie fans don’t like him because he’s messing with their couple, and the rest of us don’t like him because he’s giving the stale, contrived, boring Matie more airtime. I am beyond sick of this couple and every stupid trial and tribulation they have to overcome. I hate Mike with a passion, and Katie has become such a Stepford wife she’s unrecognizable.

Luke/Keith/Lily/Holden: After a brief adventure I Mexico where Luke was almost chopped up and sold into the black market everyone managed to make it back to town safe and sound. Shortly after, Luke collapsed and fell gravely ill.

Luke needed a kidney transplant fast or else he would die. Lily searched high and low for a donor but came up empty handed. At the last minute Keith made Lily an offer she couldn’t refuse: A compatible kidney in exchange for marriage. Lily gladly accepted and Luke was saved.

This storyline gave new meaning to the word blackmail; I never thought anyone would stoop so low as to hold an organ over someone’s head in exchange for marriage- especially to such a boring character as Lily. This is another stupid plot, if Lily is afraid of karma biting her all she has to do is donate some huge amount to the hospital or any charity of her choice. Keith and Lily don’t have one molecule of chemistry together, which makes this couple all the more horrible. Had Lily married Keith before he gave her the kidney things would be more interesting, at this point I don’t think anyone can blame Lily for not marrying Keith. She was desperate and would’ve said anything at the time to save Luke.

It’s a shame that Lucinda’s cancer story, which has had some great moments (Faith combing Lucinda’s hair, Lucinda and Bob, Sierra holding Lucinda) has faded away and turned into a story all about Lily and Holden.

 Will/Gwen/Iris: November Sweeps further solidified Will and Gwen as the show’s next “it” couple. Personally, I don’t like Gwen and Will together, I like Will alone and I don’t like Gwen either way. Anyway, Iris has successfully set up Will to go to prison for poisoning her, (I knew that somewhere down the line Will’s past would resurface and work against him) and in doing so, will have access to Billy’s trust fund (in her own warped mind, anyway). First of all, why is Iris dumping half the methanol bottle in her papaya juice? She wants to get sick not DIE. And, most importantly how the heck is Iris still alive? Rose D’Angelo DIED because she GARGLED with methanol, how is it possible that Iris, who DRANK it, is still alive?

It’s such a shame Iris is being written into a corner and leaving soon. I love the character and Terri Garbo does a great job at playing trashy. Hopefully Iris will return some day….

Everything else:

-          I jumped for joy when I saw Tom visiting Emily regarding Daniel’s well being. When this baby switch ends I’m hoping beyond hope Tom takes Daniel away from her. That bitch deserves nothing but pain and suffering.

-          Since when does Oakdale have yearly Fashion Awards? Anyway, Meg looked beautiful in that black dress…

-          I’m loving Maddie’s fantasies more and more. They’re cheesy, but they fit the character and provide some needed comic relief.

-          I’m loving Maddie and Casey as a couple. These two are hot! Hot! Hot!

-          I’m sick of all these stupid projects that never happen: Will taking a college tour, Jenn moving to Europe, Jenn opening a new company with Barbara… End the fake projects! 

November Sweeps was a big disappointment; hopefully February Sweeps will have better storylines in store for us.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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