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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 8/1/05 thru 8/5/05
By Julio

The standoff between Craig and Carly over the baby fell flat to me. Carly let go of the baby way too easily and didnít put up a half decent fight against Craig. It all ended too soon when Jack and Margo re-arrested Craig and locked him up.

Lily Snyder has become a hoochie. I could not believe she slept with Keith in the house she shared with Holden (I know the house burnt down but still, it was tasteless) and with a picture of Lily and Holden being right next to the bed. What annoyed me the most was that Lily didnít even seem apologetic to Sierra when she and Faith walked in on them. During the course of the week I enjoyed Lily more thought, I was glad she blasted Luke for drinking. However, how stupid is she to leave him home alone when she just came back from picking him up from the police station?

            I donít like the fact that Keith is going to teach Luke how to fly in order for Luke to drop the booze permanently. To me it seems like a plot point to redeem Keith in front of Luke and the audience.

            Lucindaís margins came back cancer free this week. Iím not sure if that is the end of her cancer storyline, if it is the story fizzled and was underplayed.

            Finally the secret from Carlyís past came out. In a nutshell this is what happened: A young Carly was mean spirited towards Iris during her pregnancy, Iris delivered the baby prematurely and as a result was bleeding. She took Carly and the baby to go to the clinic (all this while wearing tight jeans and having the fashion hairdo of the time). When Iris left Carly to find a phone, Carly left to buy an ice cream cone. When both of them returned the baby was gone and the carriage was on its side.

Because a minor (Carly) was involved the case never went to trial and the files were sealed to protect her. I could see this story coming a mile away but I enjoyed the acting by both Maura West and the actress that plays Iris (will have to look up her name later).

            The best scenes of the week came from the confrontation between Carly and Gwen. Carly was a bit mean and bitchy when dealing with Gwen, but Gwen also lost her cool during the situation. From the looks of it Gwen wants her baby back and Carly will not let her have the child back. Apparently a custody battle has been set up.

            Iím annoyed at Maddieís scheme to stay at Katieís cottage. Her attempt to fake an injury backfired and instead Henry got hurt. Either way, she got what she wanted since Katie will nurse Henry back to health and Maddie will stay with them. Her fantasies about Henry and Katie did crack me up though.

            Phyllis (Rosannaís former maid) delivered her memory box to Paul. In it, among many items that she kept from her relationship with Paul is the babyís footprint. It wonít be long before Paul figures out the truth and the whole baby switch is exposed. I canít believe Emily stayed with Paul after he confessed to her that he had lingering feelings for Rosanna. Itís pathetic that knowing this she still stays by his side. Is she that afraid of not having a man in her life?


-         Itís amazing how Celia sucks the life out of everyone. I usually love Will, but I didnít like his scenes with the Orange Princess. Thankfully, her exit is coming closer and closer with each passing day.

-         Keith, Casey and Maddie have been added to the opening credits. I can see Casey staying in Oakdale since he has huge ties to the show, but Keith and Maddie are expendable characters. Iím not sure if theyíll be around this time next year. Hopefully Maddie wonít be as much as a disaster as Celia was.

-         Hal has decided to put his divorce from Emily on hold. Iím hoping he will fight with everything heís got to get her away from Paul and back with him.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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