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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 7/25/05 thru 7/29/05
By Julio

Tragedy struck this week in Oakdale. I’m not amazed at the depths Craig will go to keep his child, after all, he did kidnap his own daughter just to look good in her eyes. I was a bit disappointed with the way Rosanna reacted when Craig was trying to drive her off the road though, the old Rosanna Cabot would slammed back trying to drive Craig off the road. Her little scream was unconvincing. Sadly Rosanna has slipped into a coma (guess this is how Cady McClain will be written off) before she could tell Paul the truth about the babies, I doubt the “wrong foot” clue will become significant anytime soon.

I feel pity towards Emily. If she hasn’t realized Paul is still in love with Rosanna she’s more stupid than what I imagined. I wasn’t happy when she had a look of satisfaction on her face when the nurse told her Rosanna might never recover.

I loved the final moments Paul and Carly shared with Rosanna. We got to see the human side of Paul and how Rosanna’s love changed him for the better, he’s been too cold and frivolous lately. Over time Carly and Rosanna developed a great sister/sister relationship. I am incredibly saddened to see Cady McClain exit the role, she was one of the main reasons I got hooked on this show over 18 months ago. I’ll take the time to write a few of my favourite Rosanna moments:

- Loved the look of happiness on her face when she picked out the Queen of Hearts from the deck Paul was holding for her.

- French Toast with Paul

- Her second marriage to Craig

- The way she helped out Paul by posting his bail when everyone though he had killed Rose

- When helping Carly look for Jack, Rosanna pretends to faint in St. Genevieve so Carly can run out.

- Loved her with Parker

- When James forced her to take blame for Barbara’s crime against Emily; Rosanna puts the drug in Emily’s water and adds thirty lemons to mask the smell.

- When the police officer pulled her over and she said what she had in the back seat was a 140 pound block of ice (it was actually James).

- Loved the scenes when she gave up Cabot to the Canadian authorities.

These are the first that come to mind, although I am sure there are many, many more.

The Oakdale Police Department is officially a joke. I couldn’t help laughing when Craig set the room on fire and Margo rushed to get a fire extinguisher to light out the blaze. As Margo said, when Craig is cornered he lashes out. At this point he has nothing to lose but his baby, and we all know how far Craig is willing to go to “protect” his children in his own twisted way.

Through this storyline I have come to truly despise Craig. Craig was never one of my favourites, but I did enjoy the witty humor and devilish sarcasm he brought onto the show. He’s a troublemaker, but deep down he does everything for a good cause (usually his own). But now, Craig has become a monster; his comment towards Jenn about how the baby was better off dead than having her for a mother put the final nail in Craig’s coffin.

Now that Rosanna is incapacitated Jack and Carly have taken the baby in. I was shocked when Jack was hesitant to take in the baby, he basically forced Carly to take in JJ after Julia died.

Finally Henry got a new family member this week, his youngest sister Madeline “Maddie” Coleman. I cracked up when she pulled out Henry’s tightie whities from underneath the car seat. It’s obvious that Maddie is a spitfire, I was pleasantly surprised when she slammed the door to the cottage in Mike’s face, HOWEVER I am not glad that she’s been brought to help Katie and Henry reunite. For me that ship has sailed, Katie and Henry were cute at the beginning of the marriage (cozy pajama parties) but now I am over them.

I’m a bit annoyed by Meg’s attempts to get Dusty. I did not like her using Lucinda as an excuse to get Dusty over at the house. And I was furious when she blurted out that Lucinda has breast cancer. This is Lucinda’s disease, and ONLY Lucinda decides who she wants to or who she doesn’t want to tell about her illness.

I felt sorry for Meg and the way she was throwing herself at Dusty in the bikini scenes.

Random Thoughts:

-         Loved seeing Ben Harris at the hospital. He needs to return and be involved in a story line. I want to see him paired with Sierra!

-         It seems to me that Luke’s venture into booze is only a ploy to get Keith into rescuing him and winning over Lily’s son and more fanbase in the process.  

-         I hope the baby isn’t named “Samson”. I prefer Craig’s suggestion: Rosanner.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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