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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 7/18/05 thru 7/22/05

I love when Henry dips his toes in other storylines besides his own. The scheme he and Carly pulled on Iris “Sweepstakes Winner” Dumbrowski was excellent. Once Iris saw she was being played she lashed at Carly and accused her of being a “jealous, vindictive brat” who hurt her son. To me it’s pretty obvious Carly accidentally killed or seriously injured Iris’s son, her flashbacks on the baby carriage reinforce the theory that the baby was hurt while he was being watched by Carly. But alas, this is soap land and the whole truth about the incident will probably come out in a few months.

I don’t understand why Jack is still lying to Carly about the events that happened years ago. By agreeing to help her he is giving her false hope, since we all know that he knows what happened. However the tape Kim gave Carly from the WOAK archive scared her off to continue digging. I seriously doubt Carly will give up this pursuit, she may let it rest for a bit but she will get to the bottom of everything, she certainly is not one to give up.

Celia and Will confessed their feelings for each other and sealed their love with a passionate kiss. Someone please pass me the barf bucket; Celia does not deserve Will. He is too interesting a character to be dragged down by the Orange Princess.
I feel terribly sorry for Emily Stewart. The odds are stacked against her relationship with Paul. Susan promptly reminded her of that by mentioning the lack of stability in Emily’s life will impact Daniel’s life (since the kid is rarely seen it’s good for him to be mentioned every so often). I’m glad she made up her mind to go to the funeral to support Paul. While I may not be a fan of this pairing I like Emily and cheer for her. However it is obvious that Paul does not love Emily in the same way he loved Rosanna and I’m sure Paul would dump Emily if he even gets a whiff of Rosanna in the atmosphere.

It is extremely interesting that the nurse who was on duty the night both babies were born surprisingly quit in the middle of her shift. I’m sure a six figure check signed by Craig in exchange for a few ID band tampering were the cause. The excuse that she won a sweepstakes contest is laughable. Not to mention we had already seen sweepstakes used as an excuse this week (Henry and Iris).

The highlight of the week was the service for John Dustin Kasnoff. I loved the history references the name had: John (which means God’s gift) in honor of Barbara’s deceased child Johnny Dixon, and Dustin “the man who brought him into this world”. I was especially touched when Dusty got up and gave Jennifer a peck on the cheek and Barbara’s reaction when she heard the baby’s name. I loved it when Barbara mentioned that she had been saying a prayer at Johnny’s grave (a little bit creepy since this is the church where Chris and Ali almost got married, I never knew there was a graveyard right outside it) and was genuinely shocked when she was nice to Gwen, too bad she couldn’t have treated Emily that way before the service began. I also felt sorry for Barbara when Gwen and Will told her the truth about the baby’s father. She lost two grandchildren at once.

Craig is truly despicable. Not showing up at the funeral after Jenn had asked him to was a low blow, especially when Paul read Jennifer’s invite for Craig to speak and nobody was there.

  • I am hoping beyond hope Rosanna reaches Paul in time to tell him the truth about the switched babies and Jenn gets her baby back. I wonder if the name on the gravestone would have to be changed since “John Dustin” is really alive and if Gwen would want to name the child post mortem. This storyline has the potential to affect the lives of Oakdalians for years to come.
    I am saddened to see Jessica Dunphy (Alison) leave. She was one of my favorite character and I loved her with Aaron. I wish the actress all the best and hopefully an Oakdale return is in her future.
  • Loved the fight between Will and Casey. I am rooting for Will all the way.
  • The opening credits have been updated. It was about time, Carly was
    unrecognizable in the picture she had before. Meg, Dusty, Carly and Jenn have new pictures. Gwen and Hal’s pictures have now been added, however Peter Parros (Ben) is no longer on the opening.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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