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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 7/11/05 thru 7/15/05
By Julio

It’s been a hectic week in Oakdale. The birth of two premature babies had the entire cast and the audience in a frenzy. First of all the week belonged to Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer). Every one of her scenes were delivered with great emotion and feeling. She and Dusty made me laugh on Monday’s episode. From Dusty refusing to put Jennifer inside his new car unless he had sheets to cover the seats, to Jennifer demanding to see Barbara and Dusty’s rebuttal: “Well that’s a first!”. The week was off to a great start and the quality and the drama increased with the coming episodes. Friday’s show was one of the most emotional, heart wrenching episodes I’ve ever seen in a soap opera. Having Barbara comfort her daughter and share her experience with Johnny Dixon (whom she gave birth to while in a comatose state, the baby died and Barbara awoke from the coma after Johnny had been buried) had me on the verge of tears. Colleen Zenk Pinter and Jennifer Ferrin have great chemistry together, either as a close mother and daughter team or as bickering vixens. Also, the scenes prior to the baby’s death between Hal and Jennifer were a treat. I’m glad the show focuses on family and acknowledges history during these troubled times.

I have no sympathy for Mike’s suffering. He left Jennifer after he found out about the staged fall and right away he hit the sheets with Katie (which I’ll get into in a minute). When he was busted by an obviously distraught Jennifer, he let her go without making sure she was feeling OK. I don’t want Mike and Jennifer to get back together because of the baby’s death. If they do, he will only be doing so out of pity and I know Jennifer deserves much more. I am on the fence about a possible Dusty and Jenn pairing, I absolutely love them as friends/business partners and a relationship between the two could heavily affect their existing friendship the same way Henry and Katie’s phenomenal chemistry as FRIENDS was reduced to shreds after their short marriage. While on the subject of Katie, what the heck was she DOING at the hospital?!?!?! First of all she just slept and reconciled with Mike, Jennifer’s HUSBAND which is the main reason why Jenn went into labor in the first place. I couldn’t help but feel she was checking up on Mike to see if he had gone back to Jennifer. Second of all, she is Craig’s sister. Jennifer hates Craig and has made it clear she does not want any contact with him or with people who might be on “Craig’s side”. And finally she should not have told Craig the baby had died, especially when he and Jennifer are on less than friendly terms.

By the look of things, Craig has switched the babies. If this turns out to be true, Gwen and Casey’s child is dead while Jenn and Craig’s baby is alive. I am ignoring reality and today’s security measures at hospitals regarding child/mother ID bracelets, security cameras and monitors so I can enjoy the storyline and not be driven up a wall with the real life inconsistencies.  Along with the teenage pregnancy moral Gwen’s pregnancy gave the audience a Public Service Announcement about the risks of smoking while pregnant backs up the story with double consequences: unsafe, teenage sex and health hazards to the babies. I am writing the following paragraph assuming Craig did switch the babies. I cannot wait to see Tom and Margo’s reaction when they learn Casey got Gwen pregnant and that their grandchild died. Had the baby survived we would’ve been given a fifth generation Hughes (Nancy, Bob, Tom, Casey and baby) making one Hughes born for every decade the show has been on the air. Either way, a lot of good drama is sure to come involving most of the cast. The Baby Dilemma has proven to be a great umbrella story involving more than a dozen characters: Jennifer, Mike, Katie, Craig, Dusty, Barbara, Hal, Rosanna, Gwen, Will, Celia, Casey, Paul, and with special appearances from Kim, Emily, Bob and Jessica.

Weaved into the baby story is the tension between Paul, Emily and Hal over her affair with Paul. I loved the bitter exchange between the trio on Thursday’s episode. Benjamin Hendrickson plays angry almost as well as he portrays love and happiness. The Ryan Clan feud is also resurfacing with Paul’s obvious annoyance towards Barbara. Excuse me Paul, Barbara may be the worst mother in history but she still has a right to see and comfort her daughter. Your mistress, on the other hand, has no business being at the hospital.

Aside from the baby switch and everyone involved, the only other story that got exposure this week was Carly’s childhood mystery. My best guess is Carly somehow killed Iris’s child, however I have no idea why the clinic was closed or how this secret could “destroy Jack and Carly forever”. I couldn’t help but laugh when Kim jumped at the mere mention that Susan Stewart was involved in this secret of the past, years after Susan’s affair with Bob, Kim still holds a grudge. Their rivalry is one of the best and most humorous on the show. Speaking of humorous, it’s great to see Henry in a scene that is not related to Katie, Mike or broken marriages. Oakdale’s funniest man has been away for too long, underneath his act he is still a shady businessman at heart. Can’t wait to see what he and Carly come up with. I can’t help but wonder if Carly and Jack will be split up as a result of his silence regarding the “horrible incident”. It seems a bit too soon to break them up after the months of separation they went through last year due to Jack’s amnesia and the now infamous Julia Larrabee.

Random Thoughts:

  • Finally Celia has seen the light! I cheered when she slapped Casey and dumped him on the spot after she found out he fathered Gwen’s baby. That scene alone made me forget the horridness of her character for about 5 minutes (sadly it came back).
  • Oakdale has too many new characters already: Gwen, Meg, Celia, Iris, Henry’s upcoming sister and most recently the addition of Brian Gaskill to the cast. Stop bringing in new faces and use the extensive cast already assembled, it’s the best in Daytime!
  • It was nice having a sister scene between Rosanna and Carly at Metro. These two stay out of touch for too long.
  • Lucinda has decided to attack her cancer by having a lumpectomy. I will be looking forward to these scenes and those involved in this story.
  • Jessica Dunphy (Alison) last airs on July 20. I will miss her very much; I loved her independently and with Aaron. I wish the best of luck to the actress in her future ventures.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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