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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 7/4/05 thru 7/8/05
By Julio

            I am in awe of the acting skills of Jennifer Landon (Gwen) and Jesse Sofer (Will). While both are newcomers (in comparison to other decade long cast members) they can act circles around some of the current and older cast members. Any scene in which Gwen and Will are in has my undivided attention. Even Celia becomes a bit less nauseating when she shares a scene with either Gwen or Will. This week both had stellar performances, especially Gwen. The scenes she shared with Rosanna and Craig over the possible adoption of her baby were magical, and the talk she shared with Rosanna had me mesmerized, very rarely has Gwen shown such vulnerability as she did with Rosanna. It is amazing that to most of the entertainment industry daytime is underappreciated and often mocked, Cady McClain, Jennifer Landon, Colleen Zenk Pinter, Maura West and many other actresses who are on different shows other than ATWT can outperform many of Hollywood’s so called “actresses” like Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan to name a few. Moving back to ATWT, giving a baby up for adoption is a huge step, and I am glad Gwen is analyzing the situation from every possible angle, and discussing it with Will who for the time being is the father (until Casey finds out and decides to step up to the plate, or deny the baby). In a weird and twisted way Rosanna and Craig are perfect to adopt Gwen’s baby; they both have experienced loss and know how valuable a child is, thus ensuring that if they do get this baby it will be surrounded by loving parents.

While Gwen and Will shine the other half of the teen foursome drags. Celia blabbing on about purity/commitment rings was the most exasperating thing I’ve ever seen on this show! Can’t wait until she finds out Casey has already done the deed and is the father of Gwen’s baby nonetheless (hopefully Alyssa Diaz can pull off these surely dramatic scenes, although I have my doubts) and I am counting the days until she exits Oakdale permanently!

After watching scene upon scene of Jennifer-Mike-Katie drama, reading pages of message board debate on this triangle and analyzing the situation I have come to a conclusion: I like Jennifer and Katie, the one I dislike is Mike. I missed Katie and Simon in their glory days, but I was watching when he returned from the dead in early 2004 and I liked what I saw: true love. Watching Katie with Henry as both friends and then lovers made me like Katie even more, her crazy antics and wild schemes with Henry shows she has a fun side, and even though I have not been a big fan of hers since halfway through her marriage to Henry I still like her. Similar are my feelings towards Jennifer, her romance with Jordan was lacklustre at best, but it still kept my interest; she was much better in her storylines against Barbara, Rosanna and now Craig. Individually I like both these women, they seem to have a solid head between their shoulders and have shown they can pick up the pieces of their life and move on. Enter Mike. I do not understand why Jenn and Katie are crazy about him, he makes them change to adapt to his persona. For both Katie and Jenn he held extremely high standards which both could not meet. Katie and Jenn are flawed characters, which is why they are interesting (to me at least), Mike is a pompous idiot who needs to get off his high horse. He could not protect Katie from Pilar nor he could protect Jenn from Craig, his failures are evident, yet The Powers That Be always make Mike seem as the injured party. I am sick and tired of his EXTREME SENSITIVITY, constant bed hopping and reproachful attitude towards either Katie or Jenn. Both these women can still be saved, however if they continue to be tied into Mike they will remain as boring as they are now and their unpopularity will become more evident, if TPTB still have not heard the fan dislike towards this triangle. I pray that the “Matie” reunion will put and end to this long, drawn out worthless saga. I don’t care who keeps Mike, just let this turmoil be over!

I’m glad Oakdale history is being weaved into the current storylines. Involving Susan and having her remember the effects of alcohol during her heavy drinking stage was a stroke of genius. I also like Jessica’s role, hopefully a new storyline involving her and Ben will be coming up in the future months. I’m sure everyone was asking why hadn’t Carly had Parker analyze the picture with her father in it, his Miss Cleo psychic powers helped find Jack when he had amnesia! I was laughing my head off when Carly asked Parker if Photoshop was a digital program, and I thought my mother was low-tech! Now that the picture is blown up and the woman’s face is a bit clearer it is only a matter of time before Carly remembers who she is. Obviously Jack knowing about the “terrible” secret will strain his relationship with Carly once she finds out the secret and learns he knew about it but kept it from her, hopefully another one night stand is not in the works. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for myself by speculating what the secret is but here are the clues we have been presented so far: Ray was involved in a terrible thing that happened to a child (most likely a boy, if Carly’s dream is accurate) at a Family Health Clinic, something so terrible the records were sealed and Carly was in the middle of it. The writers better craft up a story that is worth it, this secret better be life changing and not some cheesy overused plot.

I have newfound respect for Hal Munson. I was clapping every step of the way when he insulted Paul and Emily and threw her stuff out. For too long this character has been in the backburner, personally, I would love to see a romance between Hal and Susan, Lucinda or I am ready for Round 256 of Hal and Barbara.

I understand Lily and Sierra have concerns for their mother, but the way they are smothering Lucinda is excessive. I loved the line she delivered to Lily on Friday “I have been your age, lily, but you have never been mine” and to see her shoot pool like a common girl with Meg brought her character down to earth. I have always seen her as an untouchable, larger than life character who is always in control of her life and those around her; that is why her cancer storyline and her impotence against it are fascinating to watch. Too bas Meg is using Lucinda’s illness as an excuse to stay in town and flirt with Dusty. The early hope I felt for Meg is fading fast, unless the writers can move her relationship with Dusty beyond the one night stand I would rather she leave town.

Random Thoughts: 

-         Looks like a baby switch between Gwen and Jenn is being set up, it seems more imminent now that Craig wants to adopt Gwen’s child.

-         I like this new hairstyle and color on Lily. It makes her look more mature and businesslike, although it is a bit too reminiscent of Rose.

-         Cady McClain’s final airdate has been confirmed: July 29th. There is still no word on Hunt Block’s (Craig) final airdate. Thanks to Sema for this information.

-         I’m intrigued by Luke’s possible turn to the bottle, after all the troubles he has it seems logical he may try to drown his sorrows.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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