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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 6/27/05 thru 7/1/05
By Julio

            It’s been well over 3 months since I last wrote a column for the ATWT Section for TV MegaSite. I’ve been away from both the show and this column for personal reasons which are behind me now and hopefully I can now return to write my columns, that is if Boo (the fabulous manager of the Daytime Section of TV Megasite) will still have me. Now on with the show…

            Last time Meg Snyder was onscreen I was barely a toddler, seeing her onscreen for the first time left a good impression on me. Actress Marie Wilson is doing a very good job with the role. However I don’t quite see a connection between Meg and Dusty. I am sure the Meg and Dusty of years past (which were played by Jennifer Ashe and Brian Bloom respectively) had good chemistry, but with the recasts I don’t see any. To me, the problem lies with Grayson McCouch (Dusty). I was not too fond of his pairing with Lucy, nor his relationship with Sierra and Jenn and Meg. It is in my humble opinion that I suggest the role be recast with an actor who is more compatible with his onscreen ladies. Possibly, TPTB have not created a storyline which will make me realize the potential McCouch has as an actor, but in years past I have not been impressed by his work.

            Speaking of Dusty, he is too involved in the lives of Jennifer and Mike. He has a history with Craig and knows how deadly he can be (Lucy anyone?), however it is neither his job nor his mission to protect Jenn from evil, nasty Craig. This is where Mike comes in; as her husband Mike has the right, make it the OBLIGATION to defend his wife and her unborn baby from any harm that might come their way. Dusty’s presence is not needed in this situation. That being said, how foolish is Jennifer to risk her baby by staging the fall at The Lakeview? I don’t care if her personal defense classes taught her how to “take a fall”, she purposely endangered her child’s life and there is no excuse for that. Her plan could not have worked better: Sierra and Dusty were present, not to mention Bob and Kim who are the pillar of Oakdale morality. It was nice to see Hal interact with his daughter and show concern for her (Welcome Back Benjamin Hendrickson!), although the “instant restraining order hearing” was ridiculous. I don’t care how many influences Hal has, in real life it would be next to impossible to have a court hearing and a verdict that fast. Five years is way too long a sentence for Craig to be distanced from his son, TPTB are setting the stage for Craig’s demise, however he is being ruined for the sake of the storyline. Sure Craig could be nasty and annoying at times but he was never downright vicious. His actions always have a “good reason” in his mind but risking Jennifer and the baby is not something Craig would do. At this point the character has been wasted; the humorous Craig of the past is long gone.

            On a different note, Lucinda’s cancer storyline is being well written. Kudos to the writers for keeping realism in this story. However I would like to see a scene where some women of Oakdale such as Barbara, Kim, Lisa and Nancy have mammograms themselves, to further make the point across that all women need to be checked regularly. The flashbacks between Lucinda and Lily were priceless; especially to relative newcomers like me (I’ve been watching for about two years). The story is doing a good job of bringing a family together. The hug between Lily, Lucinda and Sierra on Friday was touching, and the conversation between her and Luke further strengthened their bonds. However I am furious at Lily for yelling at Keith the truth about Lucinda’s current medical state! She has no RIGHT to tell strangers what is wrong with her mother!

            Unfortunately Keith is back in town. I must say I did not miss him in the weeks he was gone. I may be reading too much into things but where did Keith get such a huge wad of cash? It is illogical to assume his job with the new medical company pays so well, considering he has not even began working for them. Anyway, I was glad Lily stood him up at Metro. I can’t forgive him for the horrible way in which he treated the Snyder Clan during Julia’s Murder Mystery. Hopefully Lily will make her way back to Holden fast, because Lily and Keith are the worst couple since Lucy and Rafael.

            Another couple that is not working for me is Paul and Emily. I am aware they have a history together, but the chemistry is simply not there. Whenever they are together I am distracted by the resemblance between both actors, and I can’t help but mentally debate who has the best well kept hair (after long thought I’ve come to realize Paul has the better locks, Emily’s roots are just distracting). Hopefully the story will pick up now that Barbara has discovered their affair, and Paul and Emily will have something else to do rather than go at it like bunnies. I may be grasping at straws here but I wouldn’t mind a possible Barbara-Hal reunion, the age difference between Emily and Hal was a big pet peeve of mine.

            By far the most interesting storyline is the Gwen-Will-Celia-Casey quadrangle. Honestly I only care about Will and Gwen, Celia and Casey are completely disposable. I am really enjoying the scenes between Barbara, Gwen and Will. The idea of Barbara taking Gwen under her wing is excellent in a twisted sort of way, but how will she react when she finds out Gwen’s baby is not a Ryan? I’m guessing Gwen and the baby will be back in the garage before you can say “haute couture”. The scene with Gwen seeing the Ryan Clan bickering at Paul’s apartment showed Gwen what exactly she was getting herself into and no surprise she ran for the hills.

It is nearly impossible for me to like Casey, his surfer look, bad attitude and his constant snotty remarks to Gwen make him impossible to have any sympathy for. I will be dancing when he finds out he is the father of Gwen’s baby, and he better step up to the plate and take responsibility for his actions. Celia has grown as a character since the sad day she jumped out of that orange crate, she has taken the annoyance and whininess down a few notches, but alas I still cannot tolerate her! I am counting the days until her summer exit (supposedly scheduled for August) comes around.

What exactly does Hannah know about Carly’s father that could be so devastating? I’m really interested by this story and so far the execution is promising; my head is spinning with theories among them: Gwen is Carly’s sister, Lisa is Carly’s mother (now that I would love to see!), Ray Tenney is not Carly’s biological father and Bob or James are, and many more which are too insane to mention. By the look of the previews this story should be picking up next week.

Random Thoughts:

-  Katie and Henry are divorcing. So what? I’ve stopped caring for either character a long time ago. I am praying to the soap Gods a “Matie” reunion will not be taking place anytime soon. I like “Menn” just where they are.

-  I nearly fell out of my seat laughing when Jack and Carly got busted by the cops for making out on Monday’s romance filled episode.

- Will the truth behind Meg and Josh’s break-up ever be revealed?

- I think Luke would make an addition to the teen scene. I want to see him interact with people his own age, not just his parents and relatives.

-  Congratulations to Head Writer Jean Passanante, the stories are improving, the veterans are being used more. The improvement is reflected in the increasing ratings. According to June 20-24 ratings ATWT scored #3 out of the nine soaps, behind Y&R and B&B.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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