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ATWT Opinion Article

Week of 3/7/05 thru 3/11/05

For the first time in months Barbara Ryan gave some good old motherly advice to her daughter: too little too late. With a list of crimes longer than four yards of taffeta silk, Barbara’s advice went in one ear and out the other. I enjoy when Barbara shows true concern for her children whether it be Paul, Jennifer or Will. I really enjoyed Barbara this week, loved her scenes with Paul at the airport and her brief exchange with James (who had on the worst disguise since- EVER!). Barbara may be losing some of her edge- in the past she has gotten rid of those who pose a threat to her and she has never been taken down, however Craig and Jenn came dangerously close to knocking her out. Thankfully James opened her eyes and sent her off to the Street Jeans event at Metro. Barbara looked stunning in that white pant suit with the silver accessories.

Speaking of Street Jeans, where were they during the party at Metro? After the excellent performance from Blue County I was expecting a flashy fashion show with an edge but we got nothing instead. However my disappointment from the lack of fashion show was forgotten once Jennifer did the deed with Craig. The morning after scenes were incredible. In my opinion, Jennifer’s best this year. We were shown two sides to a one night stand: Jenn showed guilt and disbelief while Craig was as usual cool and calm under the situation. The incest on the show has gotten out of hand: Jennifer was involved with Bryant, Craig’s son, while Craig was married to Jennifer’s mother! Sierra on the other hand is getting involved with Dusty who bedded both her daughter and her sister. The ick factor is just too much.

I expected a bit more of a reaction from JJ when Jack told him his mother had died. I was hoping for hysterical screaming and crying, anger or disbelief not just the little “sad puppy face” he had. Perhaps now is the time for Parker and JJ to bond, they both experienced the deaths of loved ones; with the exception that Jack never really “died” and Julia has most definitely moved on to greener pastures. Keith had motive to kill Julia: JJ’s trust fund would help him get out of the huge debt he is into. However he was the first person arrested and in soaps 99% of the time the first person who is arrested is NOT the killer (only exception was on GL when Billy Lewis, the first one to be arrested, was indeed the person who shot Roger Thorpe).

How stupid is Lily? Why, oh why on earth did she call the El Paso Police to notify Julia was in Oakdale? Julia is dead and when a person dies their entire misdeeds are forgotten and they are sanctified. It will take all but 2 seconds for Holden to figure out Lily called the police. Lily lost the battle to Julia, Julia has her hands on Holden and he was not going back to Lily and the kids. If Holden does return, it is because Julia is dead and not because Lily won OVER her. Either alive or dead Julia wins.

Could Luke be the new Will? He has been faced with tremendous challenges and decisions at a young age. Like Will, he is caught up in a murder; however unlike Barbara, Lily is not a controlling, mentally insane mother. But unlike Will, Luke is willing to do anything, maybe even kill to protect his mother. His violent tendencies are obvious to the viewer while Will’s acts of rage came as a shock to the viewers. I doubt Luke will be the killer. If he is, a new writing team should come in. Ripping off a storyline a little over a year old displays a lack of creativity and downright laziness.

In the coming weeks, Lucinda will probably get more involved with the Julia Murder Mystery. She knows Lily, Carly and Luke are up to something and won’t rest until she finds out what it is. I don’t understand why Lily is keeping Lucinda in the dark, she is the one person who is smart and has enough influences to get them off the hook and save them from potentially going to prison. Her line to Carly regarding Luke’s lie about burning the flunked test had me in hysterics:

Carly: Well, why? I remember doing that -- burning bad grades from school -- when I was a kid. Lucinda: The bonfires were stupendous, I'm sure.

Julia’s murder and the Barbara/Jenn/Craig storyline are what keep me tuning in each day. The show is extremely boring, ever since Hogan Sheffer began his 17 week sabbatical the show has taken a turn for the worst.

The entire teen scene is a disaster. Celia is like a poisonous mushroom spreading her venom into the show and is killing it quickly. I couldn’t believe she went to annoy Scott Reeves about her single, went to Margo’s home demanding Casey make her a demo and then had the audacity to ask him to let her stay the night. I’m annoyed at Sierra and the way she has dropped everything at the Ortegas’ feet: a home, Visas, enrollment at school and even provided money for Celia to buy some clothing (maybe she should by a few for Alison in return for borrowing her clothes). The growth Aaron and Alison had obtained as a couple is fading now that they are dealing with annoying little sister/big brother baby sitting.
I am completely turned off by the Katie/Mike/Henry/Jenn quadrangle. I don’t understand why Henry is acting like such an idiot and obeying Craig! By the huge swinger he gave Craig looks like he may be getting sick of being a pawn. Katie’s one and only storyline is Mike, it was Mike for all of last year and has been Mike all this year. Mike is to Katie what Cabot is to Rosanna: the reason their world turns. Note to TIIC: Stop beating the same dead horse.

Finally Trent Dawson (Henry) has been added to the opening credits! His cute face and mischievous grin debuted on Thursday.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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