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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

Sarah Brown’s stint as Julia Larrabee came to an end this week when she was mysteriously murdered. What began as a promising “interesting” character soon turned into one of the most hated bitches Oakdale has had in a long time. I enjoyed Julia when she first interacted with an amnesiac Jack, her scenes at St. Genevieve Hospital were my personal favorite. I lost all respect for her character when she broke into Carly’s home and took Jack’s badge and hid the truth from him. Things went downhill from there when she and Carly and then Lily became mortal enemies. All in all, I will not miss Julia, she served her purpose: breaking up two of the show’s core couples. I would have preferred Julia be killed off in a more dramatic manner, like falling off a bridge or my personal favorite: she marries Holden and is killed at the reception by a chandelier which someone deliberately cut loose. Oh well, it was wishful thinking on my part. Now onto this week’s show.

I was absolutely mesmerized by Luke throughout the week. The intensity of the scene when Lily shoved him for calling his father a “liar and a cheat” gave me shivers. So many emotions were outpoured when he confronted Holden for his actions and basically told him to get out of his life, this kid deserved to be Kim Zimmer’s son, obviously the acting chops is in his genes. Luke’s act of range in which he trashed Julia’s apartment brought the situation out of control. Poor Lily has to deal with her husband’s affair and her child’s vandalism and the clean-up that follows. Not even Carly’s annoying voice mails could save Lily from a confrontation with Julia. I loved it when Lily stood up to Julia and was going to call the El Paso cops, for once, she has the upper hand on Julia and it was fantastic to see her squirm and beg Lily to be silent. Technically, it was not Lily’s fault for Julia’s accident, Julia was attempting to grab Lily’s phone out of her hand by struggle. Lily acted out of instinct and shoved her which caused her to hit her head. It was not murder but personal defense. Julia was alive when Lily left; she opened her eyes and then passed out.

When Lily and Carly returned, the body had been moved and was lying horizontally and not vertically, which was the position Lily left her in. For once, Carly wanted to do the right thing and call the cops but Lily’s pleas prevented her from doing so. I love it when Carly is “in control” during times of extreme stress and emotional over petty things, while Lily is just the opposite. I had to laugh when the two ladies each had a pair of rubber gloves and were running around the house cleaning items.

Apparently Julia died of blunt trauma to the head; it’s possible the murder weapon was some kind of lead pipe or heavy object. I’ve seen on several message boards the mention of the window by which Lily escaped and then entered back along with Carly. When Luke went to trash Julia’s apartment the door was open and the window was not shown. Later when Lily was confronting Julia the window was closed and the blinds were half open, then in an instant the blinds were pulled and the window was half open (possibly a mistake from the technical crew, since the window went from shut to half open in less than a minute). When Lily escaped the window was half open, however when she came back with Carly the window was FULLY open. I’m almost positive the killer was inside the apartment when Luke went to trash the apartment, hence the open door, and was present when Lily and Julia fought and in the time frame when Lily left and returned, the intruder whom I suspect it was Les, the abusive ex-husband came out, finished Julia off and left through the window.

I will be truly disappointed if Luke is made out to be Julia’s killer. Will has already covered the psychotic, murderous teen section. I would like if the Grimaldi in him came out, but I certainly don’t want him to be a junior version of Ric Decker or James Stenbeck. I’m not sure if anyone noticed a huge rip in Luke’s jacket when he returned back home, he possibly ripped his jacket when he entered Julia’s apartment for the second time. I don’t understand why he burnt Lily’s gloves though; there was no blood in them since Julia was not bleeding when Lily left.

I can’t believe Holden doubts Lily and actually thinks she is capable of murdering Julia. He has spent the better part of his life with her and together they have been through everything, he knows her extremely well as a person and should have no doubt in his mind Lily is incapable of killing someone. With Julia dead, Keith will be out for blood, and demand JJ. The scenes with JJ questioning Carly where his “mommy” was were extremely sad, the indifference I had towards him for his brattiness washed away.

With the murder mystery taking off there is a chance to develop this story using a great number of current and past cast members: Hal, Tom, Margo, Jessica, Lucinda, Lisa, Rosanna, Emily and TIIC could even bring back forensic pathologist Dr. Walker Daniels.

Moving on to other aspects of the show; what is up with Craig? He managed to convince Henry to set up Mike and Katie so they can get back together; he has no business in his sister’s marriage life whatsoever. Even if he wants Jennifer to be free of Mike so she can commit herself fully to Street Jeans, he has neither business nor right to destroy his sister’s marriage (I forgot this is sleazy, kidnapper, killer Craig we’re talking about here. Destruction of marriages is his specialty). Jennifer is one of the strongest, most independent women on the show, if she single handedly created the concept and launched Street Jeans she can still run the company while living a full love life.

Even after her exit, Lucy is still haunting the show, her pathetic letter to Dusty claiming to have found happiness at Williams (it’s a college) gave us one of the most embarrassing scenes this year (right after Lucinda’s massage) with a drunken Dusty and Sierra.

Seeing Celia and Rafael makes me miss Pilar, Doc and even Julia. It’s a great shame the teenage cast has lost so much steam, I used to love all the teens on the show (except Lucy). Celia and Rafi (who could be That 70’s Show Fez long lost twin brother) are the biggest clunkers in history. Who ever does the casting for ATWT should be fired. Now that her American Idol audition crashed and burned (they didn’t even try to pretend the judges were not copies of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson) we will have to endure Casey psych her up and slowly help build her screeching, I mean singing career, from the bottom all the way to the top. I wanted to strangle the life out of her when she threatened Alison to tell her the truth about Will or she was going to ask him herself. Why does she care about Will’s past? I pray to the soap Gods Will will return to his murderous tendencies for a day and poison Celia’s mouthwash or her oranges.

Except for the Julia Murder Mystery, the show is getting tedious. The teen scene is a disaster, the Katie/Mike/Jen/Henry quadrangle held my interest only for the week of the wedding, now it sucks again. I don’t care if World Wide wants to open up some silly spas for the whole family or if Street Jeans makes it to the top. I am eagerly awaiting Rosanna’s return in late April, for me it’s the light that’s shining at the end of the tunnel.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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