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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

Rosanna Cabot is on the verge of being married again, this time to James Stenbeck- her father in law. This would mark Rosanna’s third marriage in less than a year: Jordan Sinclair, Paul Ryan and now James. I can only imagine what kind of devious, diabolic plans James has in store. Now that he and Rosanna are about to be married the plot should thicken once Paul and the rest of Oakdale learn about the new couple and see a revived Cabot.

Speaking of Cabot, it’s hard to believe the newly recast toddler can cause such a storm and provide such heart break. Hopefully, the Cabot business will end soon. I have a suspicion that Paul fathered Cabot while he was in Canada and the woman we were shown as his mother was not, but actually someone hired by James. Anywho, the scenes when Rosanna pushed Paul out of her life were incredibly well acted. Kudos to Roger Howarth (Paul) and Cady McClain (Rosanna). I found Rosanna’s excuse of Paul wanting her to forget about Cabot too lame. The old Paul Ryan would’ve seen right through her lies and pulled the truth out of her. A more plausible argument would’ve been that Rosanna was setting up her own haunting so Paul would feel guilty over Cabot’s death (didn’t save him from the cabin) and Rosanna wanted him to see the great impact Cabot’s death had on her. She could then say she married Paul to extract revenge on him for the death of her child but could not carry out her plan because she was busted. It makes a good amount of sense (to me anyway) and that would’ve pushed Paul out of her life for GOOD. How ironic for Barbara to want Paul and Rosanna back together when she was adamant about breaking them up and even tried to sneak out of the house (while being under house arrest) to crash the wedding. Now that Paul has signed the instant-divorce papers, without even checking with a lawyer to see how the assets will be split, it is possible he and Emily will be paired together. Rumor has it Kelly Menighan Hensley (Emily) and Randolph Mantooth (New Hal) do not get along well and Kelly wants Hal and Emily to be broken up.

I was disappointed at Julia’s big dark secret in El Paso. Drug charges? I was hoping for something more shocking like an accidental murder or the reveal she kidnapped JJ as an infant from the hospital she worked at. Every time I hear the word “drugs” mentioned on ATWT I go into a panic. Drugs remind me of the mob and the mob reminds me of General Hospital, and if this show becomes in any way, shape or form similar to GH I will stop watching immediately. Back to the show, I am glad Keith is making Julia see the error of her ways and is pushing her to come clean to Holden. Hopefully, she won’t do it and Carly and Lily will spill the beans on her before Julia has a chance to come up with an excuse. I hated her victim “Me and JJ hid in the closet while Les was waiting outside with a bat” speech. If she were half the bitch to Les that she is with Lily and Carly she would’ve been the one doing the beating in that household. I barely had a chance to cheer Lily for strangling Julia before Holden broke up the fight. Lily never had a good grip on her and was nowhere NEAR strangling Julia so her “I was so scared” act is phony and does not warrant the restraining order Holden wants. Besides, Julia provoked Lily with her nasty side comments about her and Holden doing the deed.

While Keith gives good advice to Julia I don’t like the way he bullies Jack and Carly. Carly did not “dump” JJ at the movies, she let him go because the kid needed a distraction which Julia approved. Good thing JJ did not break his leg under Carly’s care, had he done so Julia would be suing her for all she’s worth. Even if Carly does not treat JJ perfectly each time, Jack does not have to pay for her misdoings. He is not a charade of a father, he has provided JJ with love and guidance at an age in which he most needs it. The stage is being set for a nasty custody battle between Jack and Keith, which will bring Y&R’s Michael Baldwin to provide legal advice to one of the involved parties.

The same Barbara/Jen/Paul storyline from last year is being recycled. Barbara has a say in Street Jeans since BRO was never officially dissolved. This storyline is on auto-pilot: Barbara, Paul and Jen will work in Street Jeans, they will patch things up before Barbara goes off the rocker and wreaks havoc once again putting her and her children at odds for the umpteenth time. All I can say is look out Mike Kasnoff- nobody messes with Barbara Ryan and gets away with it.

The “baby talks” between both Mike and Jen and Henry and Katie showed the difficult stage between wanting to settle for a family or reaching financial success before doing so. It was bittersweet to see Mike remembering Nora and Sage and confessing to Jen the feelings he had when he lost Nora and Sage. Jen represents the XXI century woman: ambitious, business savvy, intelligent and apprehensive towards love. Her argument on not wanting a baby before settling down career-wise was relevant to the time we live today. It’s illogical for Henry and Katie to want kids yet since their marriage has not even been consummated, they came close this week and I felt happy for them but at the last minute Katie pulled back. The marriage is going on the right track now that Henry and Mr. Splinters have moved in, however I feel Katie cannot be intimate with Henry or any another man until she gets her feelings for Mike in order and is able to move on in life without him.

It’s annoying to see a brand new face, Celia Ortega on the opening credits so soon when Trent Dawson (Henry) had to wait SIX years to get a contract. The entire Metro-Celia storyline is beyond boring and I won’t discuss much about it since it disinterests me and I doubt anyone out there reading this column cares much about it. All I can say is if this is a glimpse of what’s to come for the teens in the summer, it’s gonna be a nightmare.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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