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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

It was an amazing week for Katie-Henry fans. Their wedding was simple, romantic, timeless and perfect. Katie looked gorgeous in her wedding gown, loved everything about it except the bouquet which had too much feathers for my taste. What a great male bonding scene when Henry admitted to Mike he was his second best friend right after Katie. Finally Katie saw Craig since she first came to town, hadn’t she come back when Craig was in the monastery to help look for him? I found it funny they hadn’t seen each other in weeks. The “high maintenance” guest: Snickers was a respect to history. Since the bunny is related to Katie and Simon to me it meant Henry was accepting Katie as a person and also accepted her history and baggage. A reminder that Pilar killed and cooked Faux (fake Snickers) but Snickers was alive. Too bad the wedding was so empty, the only guests aside from the wedding party itself were Alison and Aaron. Since Katie exclaimed she wanted a “big wedding” which “all of Oakdale would remember” it seemed odd so few guests were there. Is the show’s budget so tight they can’t spare a few hundred bucks to hire some extras to stand in at the wedding? Their wedding night was exactly what I envisioned- a night of leisure in matching pajamas.

Mike’s attitude towards the wedding was puzzling: he obviously did not want the wedding to take place- the look in his eyes when the vows were being said spoke volumes. His pre-wedding conversation with Katie brought closure to both of them and hopefully they will both move on to other people. However I don’t agree with Mike’s comment that he “will always feel something for Katie”. He is feeling for her RIGHT NOW, which is why he can’t commit himself whole heartedly to his relationship with Jen.

I enjoyed the cameo by Scott Reeves and the pool game between him and Jen and Craig. Who knew Jennifer was pretty, fashionable and a kick ass pool player?

Finally Alison and Aaron had sex and we have been spared their lusting and hoping for each other. I feel they will son be caught up in Celia’s unimportant family drama and they will be backburned as a couple. The kiss and possible feelings Will has for Alison may drive a wedge between her and Aaron.

The spa scenes between Sierra and Dusty at Casa Lodo did not have an impact on me. I read somewhere the scenes were originally written for Sierra and Jordan, but since Chris Beteem exited the show (you can watch him Fridays on JAG) the scenes were reworked for Sierra and Dusty. Had the scene played out the original way it was intended it would have been more believable since Jordan had a certain metro sexual side to him. But seeing Dusty Donovan, a typical man’s man having a facial and a mad bath was not appealing. After some confusion over their romantic status they bought the spa. I enjoy the Street Jeans side of the World Wide storyline more than the Sierra-Dusty angle. However, I fell Lucinda is being left out of it. She OWNS and IS World Wide, she HAS to be the most important character in this story.

Speaking of La Walsh, she is being used as a savior for the Ortegas, taking them under her wing and allowing them to live at the pool house. Rafael seemed annoying but I’d take him any day over Celia! My God is she annoying!!!! Seeing her makes me miss Pilar. I’m already sick of her little “American Idol” dreams and her constant questioning of Rafael: “How many rooms does your mansion have, Rafael?” and “Oh my god! You have a pool?!” along with “Momma will be waited on by all your maids, Rafael”. Every instant she is onscreen I want to pull my hair out and dump her back into that crate and ship her back to Montega, hoping she gets lost in the mail.

I am torn over Keith. I applaud his attitude towards Julia’s affair with Holden. I’m all for JJ not seeing Jack anymore, we don’t need any more of his brattiness and attitude towards Parker and Carly. I applaud how he tries to get Julia to cut off all ties with the Snyders and let Holden go back to his family. But I hated the way he treated Carly over her giving JJ permission to go to the movies. Carly did the right thing by calling Julia and informing her where JJ was. Julia seemed OK with the issue, and it should’ve ended there. Keith, however made a storm out of it. With his slip of the tongue over El Paso, Carly will dig into the issue and maybe (and I’m keeping my fingers crossed) she will finally get rid of Julia for good.

Julia proved how selfish she is when she disapproved and tried to discourage Holden from going to marriage counseling. I can’t believe she is upset because Holden is spending time with his kids! Typical to character she turned on the water works and put up the pity party. Her “dumb blonde” comment regarding Carly was vicious to say the least.

I’m glad Lucinda spoke her mind to Holden. She needs to be more involved in the demise of Lily and Holden’s marriage. I respect Emma’s decision to butt out of the situation, and I understand her point of view: they are both grown ups and should resolve their problems independently.

I loved the scenes between Holden, Lily, Luke and the marriage counselor. Seeing Lily struggle and fight for her marriage was top notch acting by Martha Byrne. Would’ve liked a few flashbacks from the early days when Lily and Holden met in the stables. Luke is a phenomenal kid portrayed by an outstanding actor. He plays emotional and anger perfectly. His insistence made Holden admit he loves Lily, and for a second I thought the marriage could still be saved. The tiny amount of sympathy I had left for Holden was gone when he stood up Lily and the kids. Poor Lily was all dressed up and hoped to patch things up, her efforts were in vain. Carly’s misunderstanding of Holden’s car being at Julia’s apartment has sent Lily over the edge and is out for blood. I’m hoping for a good smackdown between Julia and Lily.

Rosanna’s plan to frame herself for Emily’s drugging worked perfectly. Emily walked out during the deposition and has no memory of Barbara drugging her. Paul is finally getting a clue as to what’s going on but he is mistaken in defending Rosanna. The drugging flashbacks are excessive, we don’t need to see Emily remembering fake memories 3 times in one episode! I know I’m in the minority but I’m glad Barbara is free (even if Rosanna had to bribe the judge to do so.) With the upcoming spoilers her fashion focus will resurface again. I’m hoping we have a saner Barbara and not the out of control Barbara we’ve seen for the past months.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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