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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

Unfortunately a new character was added to the Oakdale canvas this week: Celia Ortega, whom TPTB expect us to believe shipped herself in a box of oranges from Montega! Do they think the fans are stupid? I disliked her from the instant I saw her I cannot stand her whiny voice and horrible stare. Maybe it’s the resemblance to Passions’ Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald (whom I detest) which made me dislike her from the beginning. I’m upset that she was sent to live with Alison and Aaron, whom are one of my favorite couples on the show. Last thing they need is Celia to drag them into storyline boredom. Who cares if Rafael is ashamed to go back to Montega and admit his failures? I certainly don’t.

JJ has become the most annoying, irritating character in Oakdale!! The way he referred to Parker as “he” and the tone in which he said it made me want to slap him. I am annoyed by Jack’s previous lack of discipline towards him, however he finally made JJ apologize to Parker (who was great this week) for breaking his mug and all the previous things he did to him.

To get Barbara off the hook Rosanna will… blame herself? It makes absolutely no sense! Rosanna is a billionaire and can afford the best lawyers in the country, if not the world. Why not hire them to save Barbara instead of blaming herself? And why blame herself and not Phyllis, whom I suspect has a close relationship with James. Anyway, more Ryan drama is sure to come now that Barbara did not sign the plea deal. Things are not looking good for Emily who will perjure herself to lock Barbara away, but the whole plan may blow up in her face and as Barbara said she will be left holding “a bag of lies”. Poor Emily will never drink liquids again- everything she’s drank for the past two months has been spiked. It was hilarious to see Rosanna dumping 10 lemons in her water to cover up the smell of the hypnotizing drug. Rosanna and Tom’s “second guessing” trigger word will resurface all of the fake memories Rosanna planted and should make Emily doubt herself.

The most heartbreaking scene of the week was Henry crying outside the cottage after Reverend MacKenzie had left. Finally Katie saw the light and realized Henry has been deeply in love with her for ages. It was great to see Katie beating up herself for hurting Henry, she was finally redeemed in my book for defending Henry to Mike, which showed she truly appreciates everything he has done for her. Henry’s gift to Katie of the new, blue, borrowed and old earring was so sweet it almost had me in tears (and I rarely get emotional over things on soaps).

Once again Carly and Lily’s schemes to bring down Julia backfired. Keith is not as they thought a man Julia was once involved with- he is her brother. I don’t understand why Holden laid it down to Lily, he doubted Julia and thought she was cheating on him. IF he had been so trustworthy of her he would have never barged into the hotel room the way he did. Holden is moving on with the divorce but wants a marriage counselor for the kids. Hopefully the marriage counselor will help them save their marriage and spare us a further, more intense Holden-Julia pairing. What did Julia do in El Paso? So far we only know it’s something “unforgivable”. My guess is murder but it could work out some other way. Only time will tell.

I find it stupid that World Wide wants to begin a line of spas. Surely there are bigger, more interesting and profitable ventures World Wide can look into. Hopefully the trip to Napa won’t push the impending Dusty-Sierra pairing closer. Street Jeans is expanding and is now moving onto television. Tune in next week for a Scott Reeves appearance with Jen and Craig.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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