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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

The master of all manipulators, villains and schemers is back! I love James Stenbeck and his contrived devious plots, however I am not ecstatic about his return. Last year we were treated to about 6 months of Cabot-related drama involving Rosanna, Paul, Jennifer and the recently departed Jordan. I was happy to see Cabot go and hoping for a new storyline for Rosanna; I was wrong, then the hauntings began and now here we go again: Cabot is back and James is manipulating Rosanna and it looks like Barbara is going to escape justice, yet again. Is it me or this storyline beginning to look very similar to the one we had last year? Again Rosanna, who used to be a strong, independent woman will crumble to James’s demands and succumb to the mere idea of having Cabot back. Hopefully once this story is over all Cabot dealings will be done with for good.

I am not enjoying the recast for Casey Hughes. Do the writers plan to make him a drug addicted hippy somewhere down the line? It sure looks like it with his new shaggy look and doped out language. If the character had to be recast they could have kept his essence and not changed it around. Casey was into science, as Margo herself once called him a nerd and now he’s a DJ! A new actor does not mean a new character.

The kiss between Alison and Will was unexpected and may possibly cause some confusion in Will. I’m not interested in a Will-Alison-Aaron triangle, there are far too many triangles and quadrangles going on, besides Alison and Aaron are one of the show’s strongest couples. Aaron is taking over Metro from Dusty and Craig but is he old enough? It’s laughable to think a teenager with zero knowledge on how to run a business (I’m talking about the accounts, taxes and all the other official handlings involved when running a business) is responsible for managing one of Oakdale’s most important businesses. Rafael has been hired there as well, and so is half of the town’s kids. Curtis works there, Alison, Aaron and now Rafael; next Will and Casey will be bar tending as well.

Finally Emma did the right thing and kicked Julia out of the farm. Bad news is her eviction threw her even further into Holden’s arms and now she has a place of her own where they can get intimate whenever they want to. The fact Julia’s apartment number was 69 made things even worse. Luke’s visit and his confrontation with Julia was outstanding, delivering some of the weeks most powerful scenes. Carly and Lily’s act as Janice and Reneé was great, the red wig was a hoot! Now that Keith has shown up in Oakdale things are bound to get interesting. So far all we know about him is he was in the airforce and now flies commercial planes, he had an ex (Julia) who broke his heart. Julia was less than happy to hear from him, my best guess is she scammed him and ran away with his money and he, not Les is the reason she was constantly moving around.

A new World Wide storyline has taken off revolving around Dusty, Sierra, Lucinda, Craig, Jennifer and Street Jeans. Why Dusty is in charge of such an important position is beyond me, he is a swindler who fixed fights and was involved with a mob ring and no matter how great he was to Lucy that does not redeem him. Craig has expertise and is more capable, however I am sick of his character. He is on 4-5 days a week doing the same thing day in and day out: obsessing over Lucy or bothering Sierra and Lucinda. The interaction between Jennifer and Craig should get more interesting and I am hoping Barbara or Carly can join the Street Jeans bandwagon and begin designing.

The quadrangle between Mike, Katie, Henry and Jennifer needs more airtime. They are only on once or twice a week and it is beginning to drag. Henry’s wedding dresses were very sweet, it is a great shame Katie doesn’t notice what a great man he is and how much he cares for her. Katie’s attempt to get crushed by the wall panel were pathetic and Mike’s paint covered jeans felt flat.

Ben and Jessica’s divorce is official. They make such a great, mature, intelligent couple. It will be a joy to watch them slowly fall in love with each other again. It would be great if Bonnie (without Sarah) came to try and fix them up.

In a totally different note what is up with the wardrobe department? I am sick of Lucinda wearing her same black and red combinations day in and day out and Julia has been wearing the same “Street Jean style” type of jeans since she first came on the show back in August! These two characters need new clothing and styling.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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