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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

Although Julia is probably the most hated character in Oakdale she has given major shake ups to the show’s core couples and made them the most interesting they’ve been in months. Julia revitalized Jack and Carly, making Carly fight for Jack and once he regained his memory their love was stronger than ever. I am truly enjoying the Lily-Holden-Julia storyline; thankfully the writers have moved beyond Lily’s grieving for Rose and have crafted a storyline which evokes all kinds of feelings in the viewer. Holden has been such a cold hearted, soulless creep it’s nearly impossible to like him. My heart broke for Lily as she begged Holden to save their marriage and I hated Holden when he blamed the failure of their marriage on Lily, both parties are to blame when a marriage fails. Even if Lily did go over the edge during Rose’s death Holden’s lack of consideration towards her and his kiss with Molly were not helping improve the situation. It’s sickening to see Julia and Holden “getting it on” at the barn, a place that holds so much history for Lily and Holden. Hopefully once Emma finds out what has happened she will kick Julia out for good.

With the emergence of a Keith, a mystery man in Julia’s life who comes to town on Feb. 3 this story is bound to get more interesting. I predict he will be Julia’s brother or cousin, if he were a man from Julia’s past I don’t think she would let JJ carry pictures of him.

Lucy is finally off our screens as she was shipped away to college. Lucy and Dusty have been one of the show’s biggest couples for about 6 months, for weeks they debated to continue their relationship or break up, and this is the resolution the writers come up with? The storyline is completely dropped with a rushed exit and no closure, hopefully Rafael will be next to leave. His existence is centered around Lucy and now that she is gone there is no purpose for him. Even if Lucy was not one of my favorites Peyton List managed to make the best out of her scenes. I wish her the best of luck.

Now that Lucy is gone maybe Sierra and Craig will get a decent storyline. It’s a smart move to have Sierra join World Wide, I am hoping we actually get to see an actual storyline involving the company not just “the conference calls” Lucinda often has to make.

Another character exited this week: Jordan Sinclair. The role should not have been written out, a recast to Chris Beteem should have been sought out. I enjoyed his character and saw true potential in him, so many issues about him were left unresolved, such as who is his mother and his growing relationship with Sierra. Maybe one day he can return and his character will be explored with greater interest. I was glad he got a proper sendoff making peace with Rosanna and Jennifer, with whom he shared history with.

The funniest scenes of the week came from Alison and Aaron. Their struggle to stay celibate was hilarious, and Aaron’s phone call to Ben had me rolling on the floor. If it weren’t for Alison we’d never see Nancy. Every time she is onscreen she lights up the room with her presence, her advice to Alison was priceless and wise. Aaron’s head wound was the lamest thing this week, Alison really poked it when she was kissing Aaron yet he didn’t complain and by Wednesday it was gone! Instant recovery!
For a brief second it looked like Barbara was going to get away with drugging Emily. Changing the dishes was a wise move, but it was never going to pay off. Why did Tom give Emily access to Barbara’s monitor records? That is confidential information, and is not divulged to any civilian no matter what history they have between them. As much as I love Barbara she does need to pay for her crimes and return a changed woman with better things to do than obsess over her kid’s lives. Speaking of Barbara’s kids Will has gotten so annoying lately; seems like every week he is mad at Paul or someone else and is constantly whining for not being believed or taken into account. Will does have a shady past so it is natural his claims will be received with skepticism, he needs to get over it and begin doing normal teenager things.

What ever happened to Street Jeans? Jennifer has barely mentioned it since she and Mike became an item, the modeling shoots are gone and no launch was even mentioned. Suddenly Lucinda receives reports it is a hit? Too unbelievable, Jennifer needs to be involved more in her company! Even though Jennifer is a smart woman, I can’t understand why she is constantly pushing Mike to spend time with Katie. Even if she says she has to be sure Mike does not have any lingering feelings for Katie the possibility is present Mike will go back to Katie and dump her in the process. Katie’s obsession with Mike has gotten so boring, the writers are so intent on getting them back together like they were some sort of broken super-couple like Jack and Carly or Holden and Lily, which is not the case; the closest Katie became to being involved in a super-couple was when she was with Simon. She is so self centered she does not realize how much her love quest is hurting Henry, who has stuck with her through thick and thin.

NEWS: Cady McClain (Rosanna) will be taking some time off the show in the near future.
- Y&R’s Christian LeBlanc may be crossing over to Oakdale. He will interact with Jack.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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