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ATWT Opinion Article

One Fan's Biased View
By Camille

There are days when I wonder who's really doing the writing at ATWT. It might be a roomful of chimps the way the storylines have been going. What else could explain how out of touch the writers have become with the wants of their fans. What else could explain some so called "storyline dictated" exits.

I was saddened to hear that Chris Beteem who plays Jordan Sinclair is on his way out. I'm not the only one who enjoyed the Jordan/Jennifer pairing.  There was so much potential left there. We could have watched their attempt to rebuild the crumbling relationship, created by Jordan's infidelity with his ex-wife Rosanna who was his step-brother Paul's girlfriend whose own relationship was slowly blossoming. We could have seen everyone settle down and be happy and then thrown in the discovery of a not-so-dead-Cabot's existence, to shake both couples up. Watching Cabot become a pawn a tug-of-war- between Rosanna and Jordan with Paul and Jennifer along for the ride and with Craig stopping by from time to time to meddle would have been priceless. Toss in Lucy, Cabot's adopted/step sister who at one time had a huge crush on Paul and whose present boyfriend Dusty doesn't seem to get along with Paul as well as a missing yet ever-present James Steinbeck to keep everyone on their toes would have been icing on the cake. If you include a loony Barbara on top of all of that, the ratings would have been off the charts (in a good way).

And what about the departure of Bailey Chase who plays Chris Hughes. Seems like only yesterday he jilted his teenaged bride Alison at the alter in favor of her older sister Emily who was also his ex-lover. Then where did he go? I would have enjoyed watching him hit rock bottom (and a bottle or two) as he lost both Alison and Emily, then I would have paired him up with someone new. Maybe even Nikki Munson. Can you imagine Hal and Emily's reaction to a Nikki/Chris pairing? For Hal it would mean that his wife's ex lover with whom she cheated on him while said ex-lover was engaged to her own sister was now involved with his (Hal's) daughter. For Emily it would have meant that her ex-lover who was engaged to her sister was now sleeping with her stepdaughter. Oh the drama!

Mind you there are a few exits that I agree with even if they are just re-casts. The decision to fire AJ Lamas and do a recast deserved praise.  While I welcomed the character of Rafael Ortega, I had problems warming up to the actor and I secretly hoped that he'd die in the plane crash. I was also having problems with Peyton List who, in her role as Lucy Montgomery, was a great actress but who had started to wear thin on me. I loved the Lusty hook up. But Lucy had a way of just getting involved with everything. It would have been much better (for me at least) to watch Craig try to sabotage his daughter's relationship with Dusty only to fail at every attempt and then to possibly have to walk her down the aisle as she married the man he hated. There could have still been a boxing storyline but it could have gone in other directions. Here's an example assuming that everything else remained the same except for some changes to the boxing storyline.

Holden and Dominic could have come to blows because of Aaron's injury and Dominic could have sent some thug to harm Holden and or his family. The thug could have followed Holden to the cabin where he and the skank Julia were making love and incorrectly assumed that Julia was Lily. Shots ring out in the dark and Lily soon arrives on the scene to find her naked husband and a naked Julia covered in blood. She naturally grabs hold of her husband. Enter an aged Luke who sees his mom holding his bloody stepfather and Luke assumes the worst. Luke calls 911, Lily gets arrested but is let go because of the obvious ... no gun , no gun powder etc. Or we could have had Lily stumble over the gun on her way to the door and innocently pick it up. There would then be her prints all over the gun. Julia would die at the hospital and everyone would be happy. Another take on that storyline would have been for a passing state-trooper/gamekeeper/park manager/groundskeeper/ cabin manager/whatever to hear shots and call 911. Lily would have arrived and been told that a couple had been shot but their kids were ok. Julia dies at the hospital.  Everyone is happy.

By now the casual reader should have figured out that I'm not a fan of Jackulia, nor Julden nor anything that includes Julia and her annoying brat JJ. And I'm not alone. See, here's what I don't quite get. When a storyline isn't working, why don't the writer's just cut it loose? Cut your losses and be done with it. Better to admit that you made a mistake than to drive viewers away. Let's face it, a large percentage of the ATWT fans hated the Jack/Julia combo. I actually Tivo'd ATWT during this time line (and still do) so that I could fast forward anything to do with that pair. I actually read on several websites that the actress Sarah Brown who portrays Julia Larrabee received death threats and tons of hate mail from furious fans. I'm not that rabid a viewer, but I must make a confession here. Watching that scene where Les beat the crap out of Julia gave me a secret sense of satisfaction. I'm not advocating domestic violence, don't get me wrong, but if ever a woman needed a whupping, then that Skanky Julia had it coming. My only regret is that I would have liked to have seen Carly have a go at her. Watching Julia walk around with a black eye or two delivered at the hands of Carly would have made my day.

But it gets even better. Why, in light of her ever-growing unpopularity and after resolving the Jack/Julia/Carly situation, did the writers decide to keep her on to hook up with Holden? Did they forget that the woman got death threats for one unpopular storyline, so they put her into another?  They might as well have put her home address and telephone number on their website, because this new storyline has angered the already rabid masses even more. Those writers should be thankful that the studio's Brooklyn location on east 14th street remains unknown to many.

Well that's my personal biased opinion on the state of ATWT today. Join me again next week, when I'm sure that I'll have a lot more to say. Till then keep those emails coming.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/19/10

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