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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

In typical soap opera fashion Julia Larrabee is moving on from one family member to the next. After weeks of fighting over Jack with Carly, Julia decides to end things with him and move on to Holden. Having Lily and Carly team up to get rid of Julia provided great scenes, both these women can be sneaky when they have to. Lily’s attempt to bribe Julia out of town backfired and pushed her and Holden even farther away. Who is this person who has taken over Holden Snyder? His actions are completely out of character, and the look on his face every time he is near Julia is disgusting. Although Carly’s scheme in which she framed Julia for stealing her beloved compass was childish it was great seeing Emma angry, it’s been ages since she has showcased an emotion which wasn’t happiness or concern (especially during Aaron’s post-fight surgery). The compass scheme backfired even more than Lily’s bribery attempt; taking Julia directly into Holden’s arms. Why did Julia go up to the cabin? Can’t she let Jack and Holden share some bonding time with their neglected children? If Julia was hurt and in need of a friend why didn’t she go talk to Lisa, who has been her friend since she first arrived? Holden and Julia’s sex scenes were given far more importance and airtime than Carly and Jack’s reconciliation, which we barely got a glimpse of. Julia grabbing Holden’s butt was too much and crossed the line of decency, only Lily is entitled to touch that derriere!

How I wished by sister-in-law was a billionaire who could give me brand new, top of the line cars at the drop of a hat! Rosanna outdid herself and scored brownie points with Will with her expensive present. I feel Will has not changed, although he struggles to change and put his past behind him the fact he destroyed Rosanna’s gift without even thinking twice proves his dark side is still present and controls him at times. But when did Will learn to drive? Before he left for the mental hospital he was a young teen, and once he got out he could suddenly drive? And who gave him the old car he was driving around? Too many inconsistencies in this storyline, at least Paul could have mentioned to Hal or to Jen Will was taking driving lessons.

I’m so glad Barbara is back! I know I am in the minority when I say I truly missed her the few days she was gone. For months I was hoping Ric Decker would come back for one last surprise, the lack of conclusion for this storyline is a BIG disappointment. If Dr. Decker is back in jail why was Barbara released? Even if everybody bought her “Ric forced me to escape with him” lie she still helped in James’ escape from jail and is directly responsible for Cabot’s “death”. The 5 weeks she spent in the mental facility is not enough to redeem her for all her crimes, I’ve given up hope she’ll ever pay for her misdeeds.

Paul is beginning to believe Emily might be innocent for the haunting of Rosanna. Paul may be hard-headed and stubborn but when he makes a mistake he makes up for it- I am sure this will be no exception. Why is Susan not visiting her daughter while she is in jail? Rosanna said Carly was Emily’s best friend, then Why is she not helping Emily clear her name? Once again inconsistencies are present which weaken the storyline and take away credibility.

The Dusty-Lucy-Rafael triangle is one of the biggest stinkers the show has had in a long time. Is Lucy such an intriguing, charming lady she deserves two men to fight over her? Mary Beth Evans’ (Sierra) and Hunt Block’s (Craig) talents are being wasted, these two need a storyline revolving around THEM, not their daughter’s sex life.

Henry cropping his face on Simon’s body and having it printed in the newspaper was hilarious and right up Henry’s alley. I do not like this storyline (Henry is being turned into a lovesick fool), however it is tolerable because of Henry’s presence and the chemistry he shares with Katie. I am glad the issue regarding Henry’s feelings for Katie was finally addressed, but it is horrible to see a much loved character like him being constantly put down by Jen and Mike.

Just as I predicted Ben saved Aaron’s life by removing that rapidly growing blood clot (Aaron hadn’t had a brain scan in weeks, he gets one done and suddenly a rapidly growing clot is caught before it kills him? Yeah right.) It was so sweet to see Alison standing by him as he was prepared for surgery, urging him on.

NOTES: As some of you may know Agim Kaba, who portrays Aaron will not be renewing his contract once it is up. Agim is a true asset to the show and will be saddened to see him go.

AJ Lamas has been let go and the role of Rafael will be recast (Lamas’s last airdate is February 21). Personally, I wished Rafael would be written out altogether, hopefully a recast can turn Rafi from a lovesick puppy into a strong, intelligent young man.
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Page updated 11/19/10

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