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ATWT Opinion Article

By Julio

After one plane crash, two avalanches, three deaths, seventy five pounds of dust and debris and a session of near death lovemaking; Lucy and Rafael are finally home. Dusty miraculously was able to find them but before they went home to Oakdale an avalanche and a cave in killed Dominic Ramsey. This storyline was exactly the same as Lucy’s kidnapping- a small illegal situation was expanded into an out of control situation, the bad guys died and a new couple was born. However the mine served to form a triangle between Dusty, Lucy and Rafael. Craig’s joy in seeing Lucy safe and sound was great; no matter how devious and slimy he can be he loves his daughter with all his heart. Perhaps the time he spent in the monastery changed him and redeemed him? I hope so, however I still want to see him spend a nice vacation in jail for Lucy’s kidnapping. I have hopes of Sierra and Craig reuniting, it is obvious he is jealous of Jordan and his affection towards Sierra, hopefully he will change his ways and manage to get her to fall in love with him over again.

While on the subject of reunited couples, Margo and Tom’s reconciliation was the highlight of this week. Their conversation and analysis of the Doc Reese situation was MONTHS overdue.

Serious tension was placed on Emily and Hal as she failed her lie detector test and was incarcerated for terrorizing Rosanna. Hadn’t Hal forgiven Emily for her almost- affair with Chris? Emily’s past actions resurfacing proves that people forgive, but never forget; now she knows what Will felt like when he returned from the psych ward and most people, including her did not believe he had changed for the better. Hopefully Alison and Aaron will help clear her name, although burning evidence may come back to haunt them later. I love these two as a couple, they have the potential to become this shows next super couple and they complement each other perfectly.

Just when I don’t think I can dislike Julia more, she goes and kisses Holden. I see absolutely no chemistry between them. I am looking forward for Carly and Lily to team up to bring her down, knowing Julia and her lucky timing she will come out smelling like a rose will Carly and Lily will appear in a bad light to both Holden and Jack. Isn’t Julia thinking about JJ? Won’t the child be confused when he sees his mother with another man who is not Jack, whom he calls father? Julia is once again setting herself up for a fall, Holden is a married man and sooner or later he will find his way back to Lily-just as he always does- and she will be left out in the cold once again, laying a guilt trip on Holden the same way she does with Jack. At least she is over Jack, and finally did the decent thing by returning the engagement ring; Carly questioning the box and finally giving into curiosity was one of the week’s funniest moments.

After years of speculation on Henry’s feelings towards Katie he finally revealed he loves her. His proposal was sweet and their kiss was heartwarming. I am a bit resistant to a Henry-Katie pairing because in the long run he will get hurt, since it is unlikely Katie will develop feelings for him, her eyes are set on Mike and they will not move from the target. Mike and Jen finally made love, the after scenes reminded me a bit of Mike and Katie, Mike bringing grapes to Jen instantly took me back to Mike making breakfast for Katie and the famous shower scene that happened after.

With so many happenings on Oakdale I realize family continuation is missing greatly on this show. Where was Jen when Will was being accused of haunting Rosanna? Why hasn’t Susan gone to the station to defend her daughter? Rosanna got along great with Lucy when she was married to Craig, does she not know her former stepdaughter has been missing for weeks? Has Katie even seen Craig since he got out of the monastery? Does Emma know her son’s marriage is over? Soap operas are supposed to be about love and family; while ATWT has plenty of love family is definitely a missing factor. Hopefully 2005 will provide plenty of romance and family driven storylines.

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Page updated 8/29/14

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